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3 ways to prepare for SLED buying season

April 01, 2019

3 ways to prepare for SLED buying season
It’s the time of year again when end-of-year SLED buying ramps up and customer requests go through the roof. As you head into the busy SLED buying season—from now through June 30—remember that Ingram Micro has the resources to help you shoulder the load.
Here are three ways Ingram Micro can help you sail through SLED buying season with ease:
1. Lean on your Ingram Micro market development team
There’s nothing like a support partner who knows your exact business challenges. At Ingram Micro, it’s the public sector market development team—the 250+ specialists that offer dedicated support for specific OEM manufacturers, plus another 70+ sales associates—a total of 320 associates who are dedicated to driving your business. By tapping into this team’s expertise during SLED buying season, you can leverage any special programs or promotions for the best pricing, which can help you close more sales in less time. 
2. Protect your day-to-day cash flow by leveraging Ingram Micro credit and financing solutions
Having access to Ingram Micro’s wide range of credit and finance options can keep business moving even when SLED budgets don’t come through in time, or if your business finances are stretched thin. One option is the NOWaccount, which helps you get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card—even when your SLED customers require an invoice. It’s a great way to eliminate accounts receivable headaches, improve cash flow forecasting and know exactly when you’ll be paid.  
3. Use special programs to explore new funding opportunities
One common customer complaint you’ll hear during SLED buying season is this: There’s not enough funding for all the technology on the wish list. The Ingram Micro Grants Support program can help by identifying available funding opportunities for your customers’ projects—in the form of grants from the federal government, state governments and private foundations. As an Ingram Micro partner, this program is available to you to offer your customers.
The Grants Support program offers several components—all of which can help you drive business to your customers.
  • Funding opportunity reports: These are customized listings of all grants available to your customers based on their specific technology projects, organization type and specific geographic locations. By ordering these reports for your customers, you can increase your value to customers and stay engaged in the purchasing conversation.
  • Proposal development services: Once a funding opportunity is identified, the team can review or edit your customers’ grant proposals to ensure they’re as competitive as possible. Or the team can handle the entire grant-development process—from writing all the way through submission—which is an efficient option for customers with limited resources.
  • Annual report program: This gives your customers full access to the Grants Support program all year long. It includes unlimited access to funding opportunity reports, as well as research, consultation and editing/review services.  
As we approach the end of SLED buying season on June 30, watch for information on extended hours for Ingram Micro’s SLED team and various vendor partners. For more information about how Ingram Micro can help you meet the demands of SLED buying season, email Sam Guyett or call her at (716) 633-3600, ext. 67123.