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2020: A year of focus on public sector

A Q&A with Ingram Micro’s public sector leadership

December 07, 2020

2020: A year of focus on public sector
While the year 2020 was unlike any other, it delivered strong growth for the public sector as local, state and federal agencies sought solutions during a time of dynamic change and widespread concern over the pandemic and other issues.
During a recent conversation with Tony Celeste, Ingram Micro’s executive director and general manager, public sector, we learned how recent changes will help public sector partners realize even more success in 2021 and beyond.
What drove success in the public sector this year?
From a revenue perspective, 2020 was a very good year for Ingram Micro’s public sector, which is reporting record year-over-year growth. It was also a great year for many of our public sector partners and vendors for a variety of reasons.
First, there are strong technology drivers, including a continued focus on cybersecurity, more push to the cloud and more “as-a-service” adoptions, as organizations continue their IT modernization and lifecycle refreshes. Another big driver this year was the global health situation, which was extremely disruptive on its own, but the response really accelerated the need for digital transformation and increased mobility —all of which spurred a lot of technology buying.
How did Ingram Micro respond?
Even before the crisis, we were committed to transforming our public sector business and making big investments in the space. We brought in new leadership for a fresh vision and perspective. We also cultivated a growth mindset and built a new plan to create more value for partners and vendors. We examined how selling has changed, what public sector organizations need, how they are responding to dynamic market changes and how we can better support them as end-user customers.
That work began with increased market intelligence and end-user insight—striving to truly understand public agencies’ missions to improve service to citizens. It might be protecting our first responders or war fighters. It could be creating better health outcomes for citizens or veterans, or new ways of teaching and learning. Whatever the end goal, our team refocused their efforts to better understand the market, put new resources in place and align teams to deliver increased support.
What specific changes did Ingram Micro make?
We started by creating better team alignment so we could respond more quickly to market needs. We also strengthened collaboration with our subsidiary, Promark Technology, which is now focused exclusively on the public sector market. As part of that change, Ingram Micro and Promark Technology teamed up to create a new, all-in-one Emerging Business Group focused on relationships with emerging vendors and technology innovators to grow the public sector business.  
What will that alignment mean for public sector resellers?
Reseller partners can be assured that whether they’re working with Ingram Micro’s public sector team or Promark Technology, they’re working with subject matter experts exclusively focused on the public sector market and missions, committed to creating value through digital transformation leveraging technological innovation and capable of navigating the complexities of the market. Across the board, resellers can have confidence in our public sector leadership.
What can Ingram Micro resellers expect to see in 2021?
They’ll see continued investments in market intelligence, which will provide earlier visibility into potential opportunities. They’ll also see more partner enablement, including more resources for training, quoting and technology, plus a more comprehensive go-to-market strategy. All of these resources will help resellers create more value for public agencies, which ultimately increase their probability of winning—and winning profitably.