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Why customizing secure and resilient enterprise networks is more important than ever

January 19, 2021

Why customizing secure and resilient enterprise networks is more important than ever
Cybersecurity is like the wild west…still. It can quickly become a serious problem for enterprise-level organizations. If you feel a finger being pointed at you or hope to ever reach the next level of size and revenue, it’s time to figure out how make your enterprise network secure and resilient.
First, let’s break it down, because your enterprise deserves more understanding of these terms than what you can find in the dictionary.

Is your organization protected?
Security today goes far beyond passwords. You need to think like a bad guy in order to protect what’s valuable within your organization. This extends from your CEO to your summer interns, and from financial accounts to employee IDs to competitive industry secrets. Cybercriminals want access and are more motivated than ever to persist until they accomplish their goals.

Resilience requires preparation
It’s not enough to get back up after getting knocked down. Enterprise-level organizations need to be prepared. Do you have the policies in place across all of your physical locations? Do you have workarounds to continue business as usual if one network goes down? Are you future-proofing for the ever-changing business climate?
Accidents and attacks can and will happen, but rapid response and recovery is not only possible it’s expected of you by the people who run your organization.

How do you know if you have what it takes?
Is your enterprise network secure and resilient? And just as importantly, do you know the right questions to ask to confirm this? Do you need specific products or help with some services? Does your budget match your need? You may need qualified people just to help you access this knowledge.
That’s where Ingram Micro’s Digital Transformation Solutions (DXS) can help. This team is focused on solving practical problems of security. It requires hands-on work to roll out plans, and we’ve identified 5 key areas where we can help you create and carry out an actionable plan:
5 security concerns that require enterprise network solutions
1) Policy planning
For many enterprise orgs, consistency across multiple networks is key. Perhaps your strategy needs to be replicated across multiple states. Maybe your policies need updating or just a pressure check. This is the foundation of network resilience—do you know where to start? We do.
2) Ethical hacking
What is ethical hacking? Basically, members of our own team will go in to try and find the cracks in your security. Creating a functioning secure enterprise network isn’t cheap. Just because you haven’t been hacked doesn’t mean it’s working. We can confirm that all aspects of your security are functioning at the level you expect.
3) Project planning
Cybersecurity projects are complex. Even the largest orgs don’t always have somebody who can develop a project plan that accurately pinpoints the right controls, hardware, and personnel required Are you working on a cybersecurity project, but are not certain of the tools required to see it through? Ingram Micro’s DXS team knows how to tap into this specialized skill.
4) Staffing issues
Not having the right personnel in place is not an excuse to stop a project of this importance. We can help your organization navigate its way to putting the right people in the right place at the right time. We’ve helped hire chief information security officers, put boots on the ground to rack & stack, configured difficult software solutions, and filled numerous asks in between.     
5) Shifting business landscape
The business landscape is constantly evolving, and that was never truer than in 2020. We can help ensure you’re flexible for whatever needs arise out of nowhere. When you work with Ingram Micro, the project might be done, but the roadmap never ends.
Business problems require network solutions, and DXS and Ingram Micro can help.


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