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Do your customers need a wireless screen-sharing solution?

November 16, 2021

Do your customers need a wireless screen-sharing solution?
Today’s office professionals use a variety of different devices to conduct business daily. Not only does this create challenges for IT concerning security and support, but it’s also imperative that conference rooms have the ability for these users to connect their devices to conference room displays.

In the past, the primary method of connecting to a conference room display was with a physical cable of some sort. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for organizations to accommodate every form of device, operating system and cable type.

Additionally, many organizations have spent a lot of money on their conference rooms and aren’t keen to have a variety of messy cables hanging out on the conference table. For those organizations looking to upgrade or implement a new conference room, trenching cables under concrete or using other connectivity solutions can be costly.

Surely, there must be cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use solutions that make it possible for conference attendees to wirelessly connect their devices and share their screens.

Three methods of wireless screen sharing

One solution for in-person meetings is to rely on the screen-sharing features of videoconference services like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. However, that’s not a very elegant solution for an in-person meeting as it will require the presenter to access the internet just to meet with people in the same room. Additionally, any conference room displays will have to join the online meeting to view the shared screen.

Another option is to use casting solutions such as Airplay and Google Cast. While these might suffice, they require a compatible display and lack support and functionality for corporate applications.

There’s a better way. Using wireless screen-sharing solutions like Barco ClickShare, attendees can attach a simple USB dongle to their device, which allows them to wirelessly project their screen onto a 4k display using the matching receiver. Such solutions are secure since the user isn’t connecting to any network resources. They’re also easy to use since no software is installed. Simply plug in the dongle, press a button and when the dongle’s color changes to green, the connection is established.

Employees returning to work have higher expectations when it comes to communication and collaboration. Having used tools like Teams and Zoom for the past two years, returning to work and fighting with finicky IT solutions won’t be tolerated. Wireless screen-sharing solutions are an affordable way to make collaboration simple, secure and inexpensive. Contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert, for more information on wireless screen-sharing solutions.