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Win more business with complimentary pro AV design services

Sell more pro AV solutions with Ingram Micro’s pro AV design services.

July 15, 2019

Win more business with complimentary pro AV design services
Great news! One of your top customers has approached you asking about video walls. On the surface, it sounds like it could be a pretty big project and help deepen your relationship with this valuable customer. Unfortunately, video walls aren’t something in which you have experience. Do you pass up the work or say you can do it without really knowing what you’re getting into?

Situations like this are common in the IT world. You’ve probably had many similar encounters that ended with you either giving the business to another IT provider or nervously taking on the project yourself and then failing, succeeding or falling somewhere in between.

With the launch of a complimentary pro AV design services program at Ingram Micro, you no longer have to miss out on these types of opportunities. Whether you’re unfamiliar with pro AV technologies, lack specific competencies or are merely short-staffed, you’ll have the help you need, when you need it.

Sell more pro AV in 6 easy steps
Based on your specifications, Ingram Micro can construct a bill of materials. Or, if you need more in-depth assistance, Ingram Micro can design your pro AV solution from the ground up with the following six-step collaborative process:

  1. Discuss the system objective. Explore a high-level view of the end user’s characteristics and define their specific system objectives.
  2. Develop the scope of work. Define the overall project and break it down into its components.
  3. Check the environment. Discuss where the project will reside and what limitations may affect the installation.
  4. Review any challenges. Explore the challenges that may come up, including product and delivery issues, project management and integration obstacles, system commissioning and project sign off.
  5. If needed, present options. If there’s more than one way to accomplish the objective, we’ll explore the options to meet the end user's needs.
  6. Finalize the solution and present a bill of materials. Once all issues have been addressed, the final deliverable includes the system design and final bill of materials.
The goal of the program is to eliminate potential barriers to winning pro AV business. This covers video walls, menu boards (e.g., quick service restaurants, cafeterias), hospitality applications (e.g., lobbies and in-room entertainment, kiosks, stadiums, sound and video, and more.

If you’re waiting for a catch, there isn’t one. There is no cost for this service to Ingram Micro partners. If you lack the expertise or staff to do the actual implementation, Ingram Micro has a variety of ways to help you there as well. To get started, all you need to do is contact the design services team or call your Ingram Micro sales rep.

The next time you have any doubts about your ability to complete a project, know that the help you need is just a call away.