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Why you should sell digital signage to the government

A potential add-on revenue generator

September 16, 2019

Why you should sell digital signage to the government
If you’re an IT solution provider who focuses on the government vertical, it’s essential that you maximize your relationships, existing GSA Schedule Contract and familiarity of the market by offering a broad portfolio of solutions to ensure you’re earning every possible dollar you can.

With this in mind, one technology segment that has broad applications and appeal within government is digital signage. If you haven’t considered digital signage for your government customers, here are some reasons why:

  1. All sizes of goverments use digital signage—federal, state or local.
  2. Many offices/agencies rely on digital signage—DMV, courthouses, police stations, post offices, FEMA, HUD agencies and more. Also, don’t overlook opportunities within state and local schools.
  3. Digital signage has a variety of uses—employee/guest announcements, wayfinding for large government buildings, DMV wait times, university cafeteria menus and emergency information.
Digital signage in action
For a great example of digital signage in action, consider an installation done in the courthouse and records office of Wake County, North Carolina. Nearly 70 displays throughout the building, including main entries, elevators, lobby areas, and in front of individual courtrooms, share the most current daily court calendar, provide corporate and facility information building-wide, and display departmental messages to staff and visitors. Wayfinding functionality makes it easy for visitors to identify the office or courtroom they’re seeking and then provide details on the shortest route.

Two hacks for selling digital signage to government agencies

  1. Look for similarities in bid specs. As you know, the people who write government RFPs and bid specs often aren’t technologists. They will usually cut and paste bid specs from specific products and solutions available in the marketplace. With some research, you can often identify the exact product they used to build their specs and then include it in your bid with confidence.
  2. Lean on Ingram Micro’s government expertise and connections. If you don’t have a GSA Schedule or want assistance in building out a digital signage solution, Ingram Micro can help. Ingram Micro has a government bid team that can help you navigate the complexities of this market as well as a Pro AV team that provides complimentary design services. In short, there’s no reason to pass up on digital signage business within government.
For more information on digital signage or working within the government vertical, contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s Pro AV expert.