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Why Selling Pro AV to the Healthcare Industry Can Increase Your ROI

July 03, 2017

Why Selling Pro AV to the Healthcare Industry Can Increase Your ROI

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing segments of the pro AV industry, and with good reason. The healthcare industry in general is booming, and the way in which facilities provide patient care and follow-up is evolving alongside technology. Taken together, those two factors mean that value-added resellers (VARs) should seriously consider investing in pro AV technologies for the healthcare market.

For VARs that are already working with pro AV technology, the healthcare industry represents an opportunity for business growth, new revenue, and a strong return on investment for your company. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why selling pro AV to the healthcare industry can increase your ROI.

Continued Growth

In the healthcare market, growth is expected to continue for years to come. As the baby boomer generation ages, healthcare is becoming ever more important. And as healthcare becomes increasingly successful, providers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, generate revenue, and save on costs, whether it’s through improved patient care, innovative new treatments and technologies, reduced travel expenses, or other means.

As today’s patients, doctors, nurses, and staff become increasingly comfortable with and reliant upon technology, pro AV systems are being added to the healthcare environment at a faster pace. In the coming years, expect pro AV devices to become even more vital to the success of a hospital, healthcare clinic, or other provider.

Similar Technology Offering

The vast majority of healthcare users are seeking the same pro AV systems as your other customers. That’s good news for you, because when you make the move into the healthcare vertical, you probably won’t be required to add many new systems or devices to your product offering. Healthcare facilities are installing video conferencing systems, digital projectors, digital signage and wayfinding kiosks, audio systems, and related devices—much like your customers in the corporate or education fields.

New Opportunities

That being said, once you’re established in the healthcare space, you might choose to add a few more high-end pro AV systems that are especially well-suited to the market in order to ensure your long-term success. A few new opportunities include:

  • Training AV: Doctor and nursing programs often use simulation systems, cadavers, and other tools to train their students. By incorporating a pro AV system, a university can record these types of training sessions for future use.

  • Video in the field: Paramedics can provide superior patient care when they have easy access to doctors and specialists in other locations. Today, many hospitals are looking into adding mobile video conferencing capabilities to improve this type of real-time communication.

  • Multi-system integration: A few healthcare facilities have greatly improved their customer care by integrating multiple systems, including pro AV, patient security, HVAC, and more. When all the incoming data from these disparate systems is collected on a single command-and-control solution, officials have the potential to gain better insight into the daily operations for the hospital, respond more quickly to incidents, monitor patient medications, reduce costs, and more.

Have you experienced much interest from local hospitals and healthcare clinics? In what ways are you marketing specifically to these potential customers?