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Why Digital Signage is Useful for Your Customer's Business

March 24, 2017

Why Digital Signage is Useful for Your Customer's Business


Digital signage is popping up everywhere these days, from retail stores and restaurants to hospitals, universities, museums and road-side advertising. The market is growing steadily, and it holds exciting opportunities for both you and your customers. As a value-added reseller (VAR), digital signage has the potential to bring in significant revenue for your business; and for your customers, the technology offers some enormous benefits.

There are several reasons why digital signage is useful for your customers’ businesses:

1. A better end user experience.

One of the primary goals of digital signage is to benefit the end user, through education, entertainment, an improved shopping or visitor experience, and more. For example, visitors to a museum or healthcare facility can access wayfinding information through a digital signage kiosk. This makes their visit easier and more enjoyable.

In the retail and hospitality world, digital signage helps to entertain guests and improve service through VIP and loyalty programs. These types of experiences have ripple effects and can determine whether each end user will become a repeat visitor or customer.

2. Improved employee-customer interactions.

Digital signage helps to provide more in-depth knowledge to sales associates, nurses, professors, tour guides and more. With more informed employees, customers receive a better experience and are provided with more relevant information. This creates happier, more satisfied customers and visitors.

For example, sales associates at a car dealership use digital signage (in tandem with their iPads) to improve their sales pitches to would-be customers. The digital network contains much more detail on each vehicle than any one associate could memorize, as well as engaging photos, videos and customer testimonials.

In healthcare facilities, doctors and nurses are leveraging digital signage as a way to better explain health information to patients and their families. The screens help patients to better understand the information, while also adding an additional layer of authority to the data.

3. Potential for ROI and cost-savings.

Many of your customers may actually be able to achieve a return on their investment and/or save money by implementing a digital signage network in their business. For example, digital menu boards have been proven to increase sales in certain restaurants. By switching over to digital, restaurateurs can actually see increased income in a very short time.

In addition, many of your customers will likely see cost-savings as a result of installing digital signage. For example, those who previously invested in printing services for menus, internal and external signage, newsletters and similar materials immediately see an impact to their bottom line (and to their sustainability initiatives).

4. Reinforcement of advertising and marketing initiatives.

You’ve likely seen digital signage that is focused on advertising and marketing, especially in malls, car dealerships, restaurants and retail stores. Digital signage is ideal for reinforcing branding, marketing initiatives and promotions because it offers visual, high-impact content that consumers can’t help but look at. When combined with touchscreen capabilities, social media integration, audio and other advanced features, digital signage becomes an immersive experience—and one that customers will remember for a long time.

What other benefits have you seen your customers enjoy through digital signage? Which would you say is the best selling point to potential customers?