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What’s trending in digital signage for healthcare?

October 30, 2017

What’s trending in digital signage for healthcare?

If you’re a solution provider focused on the healthcare vertical, take note. Regardless of whether you’re selling networking solutions, managed services, printers, mobile devices or barcoding solutions to your customers, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table by not tapping into the lucrative digital signage space and easy add-on sales.

You’ll find digital signage opportunities exist in many forms in different healthcare settings. Here are just a few implementations your customers might be interested in:

Donor walls—Many large healthcare facilities and hospitals pay homage to donors with placards on a wall within the lobby of the building. Seeking to do more for large donors, healthcare organizations are now implementing digital signage. In addition to the donor’s names, photos and other content can be displayed to show additional appreciation and highlight how the donations were put to use in the hospital.

Waiting rooms—While visitors are spending time in waiting rooms, key information pertaining to visiting hours, flu shots, trivia, events, healthy best practices and more can be displayed on signage.

Information kiosks—Hospitals are often large complexes with many departments. Kiosks can provide an unattended way to help visitors find the area they’re looking for. In fact, many will include a map of the facilities and present visitors with barcodes they can scan to access a map on their mobile device.

Identifying the right healthcare targets

If these seem like good opportunities for you, here’s how to find potential customers:

  1. Don’t assume that you need large healthcare facilities for your customers. In fact, unless you already have an established connection with large facilities, you’re probably better off targeting any of the smaller local or regional organizations.
  2. Consider targets such as general practitioners, dental offices, pediatricians and even pet hospitals. Each facility type will have its own unique content needs. For example, dental offices can promote teeth straightening and whitening promotions, flossing reminders, and more. Pet hospitals need reminders about tick and flea prevention and regular checkups.

Getting started in healthcare digital signage

Probably the biggest obstacle you face is concerning the technology and content itself. Don’t worry. From a solution architecture standpoint, Ingram Micro can help you ask the right questions, build out the best solution, and even help you implement it if needed. As far as content is concerned, there are providers of content made specifically for healthcare. Simply select the type of provider and content and it’s automatically pulled in from the cloud.

What are you waiting for? With a market in need of digital signage solutions, all you need to do is give your Ingram Micro rep a call or email Christopher.Kacala@ingrammicro.com to learn how you can leverage the opportunity.