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What Problems Do Pro AV and Digital Signage Solve?

June 24, 2017

What Problems Do Pro AV and Digital Signage Solve?

Most value added resellers know how effective Pro AV and digital signage can be when applied as a logistical marketing solution in a customer's toolbox.

But what happens when a customer is hesitant or unable to crystallize the potential results or ROI that a particular Pro AV solution will deliver to them?

This is the point at which it becomes vital that the VAR be well-versed not just in the capabilities Pro AV solutions offer the customer but also be able to answer the question "why do I need to invest in this potentially costly solution?"

In order to answer that question and reassure customers that their investment is cost-effective, let's look at some of the core problems that Pro AV and digital signage solve.

Encourages Meaningful Customer Engagement

Consumers are increasingly recipients of information overload which means it's even more important to engage with effective presentations that not only command attention but also piques interest in a particular product or service. The best solutions are increasingly interactive because they not only break up the monotony of filtering out useless information but also encourage learning and encourage brand loyalty. Digital signage and video wall systems are particularly effective Pro AV solutions for customer retention?8 out 10 commuters recalled an ad displayed on digital signage in one recent study.

Keeps Content Relevant

Unlike print or other forms of static advertising, digital displays are sprouting up everywhere as the "go-to" audiovisual solution for engaging large groups of consumers with pinpoint content.

Content that is fresh and relevant stands the best chance of ensuring that audiences don't tune out as they are apt to do with a static presentation. VARs can offer customers turnkey solutions offering both Pro AV hardware and dynamic content management in one package. Customers will be more assured that their content marketing strategy can be nimble and cost-effective at the same time.

Prompt Customer to Take Action

Companies can cut through information clutter and command attention of target audiences with bold digital signage that links with dynamic content, mobile applications and social media - especially where it counts, the point-of-decision.

By using digital signage, organizations can effectively promote their products and services to customers at the precise time and place they are making their decision in a retail environment, share helpful information in lobbies and waiting areas or effectively deliver employee communications in a corporate environment. These displays not only provide information to educate customers and employees but also prompt them to ask relevant questions and take immediate action regarding purchases for example.

Generates the Wow factor

Just as digital signage display come in all sizes, so do today's projection systems. It wasn't that long ago that the best projectors were bulky, unwieldy behemoths capable of one or two thousand lumens at best. Today's HD projection systems are capable of upwards of 35,000 lumens in a flexible, mobile platform. What that means is VARs can offer customers eye-catching and powerful tools to project branding content at unconventional locations and effectively target huge audiences. For example, projecting content onto the sides of buildings or at other unusual venues, at key times of the day, can create instant buzz at relatively low cost.

Are your customers asking questions about how to engage Pro AV and digital signage solutions to solve complex branding and marketing problems? Are they looking for value-added solutions that produce the "wow" factor?