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University of Wisconsin’s pro AV upgrade leads to big upsell opportunity

February 03, 2020

University of Wisconsin’s pro AV upgrade leads to big upsell opportunity
There’s never a reason to pass up on a pro AV business opportunity, even if you lack the skill set, headcount, or aren’t local to the customer—at least, not if you’re an Ingram Micro partner.

In past blogs we’ve highlighted the numerous professional services offered, including Ingram Micro’s complementary pro AV design service, to help fill any gaps you have that might prevent you from winning business. These services can truly make a difference and positively influence your success.

Take, for instance, this story of how a solution provider landed a digital signage project for the University of Wisconsin’s business school with Ingram Micro’s assistance.

For years, the University of Wisconsin business school relied on a traditional LED ticker display in its common area to share information with business students. While the LED ticker functioned properly, the school wanted a new modern solution that was larger, had a higher resolution, and could be used to show videos and other information beyond a simple scrolling line of text.

The school approached a local pro AV solution provider for assistance who, in turn, sought the assistance of Ingram Micro for the project.

Ingram Micro helped supplement the solution provider’s skills by performing a site survey at the university, helping to determine the exact needs for the project. The final project included a 3x3 video wall composed of nine high-definition displays. An external media player, CMS, digital content management and networking services were also included. Finally, Ingram Micro and the solution provider collaborated with a third party to enable the integration of a dynamic stock ticker across the video wall.

During the initial research stages of the project, other areas of need were uncovered at the university, leading to upsell opportunities for the solution provider. For example, the university’s gymnasium previously relied on corkboards to share current and upcoming events along with other public notices.

Three digital signage displays were installed in this area to broadcast fresh, eye-catching  content. Additionally, the university’s cafeteria/rec room received a digital signage solution that shared weekly menus as well as event schedules.

These digital signage solution upgrades were well-received by students and professors. At the business school, the video wall became a focal point and gathering place for students. Campus tours made the school and video wall a stopping point, raising program awareness to visitors.

Finally, the gymnasium and cafeteria can now easily share details about upcoming events along with other relevant information, providing a better overall student experience.

What began as one upgrade turned into a large project that spanned multiple departments within the University of Wisconsin. The solution provider, who began the project with limited knowledge, used the implementation as a springboard to much bigger and complex pro AV sales for other customers.

Stories like this aren’t uncommon. If you need assistance in performing site surveys, doing the installation or training, contact Ingram Micro pro AV expert, Tom Jones.