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Understand the Relationship Between Big Data and Pro AV

January 20, 2017

Understand the Relationship Between Big Data and Pro AV

Over the last several years, “big data” has become one of those technology buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot in various industries, from retail to security to digital signage and pro AV. As a value-added reseller (VAR), you’ve probably heard big data linked to pro AV technology and wondered how the two might play a role in your own business.

VARs are in a unique position to help their customers benefit from big data in a variety of ways; for example, by maximizing the effectiveness of advertising and marketing, implementing interactive technology and even streamlining operations. But first, let’s take a look at the basics of big data, and how it relates to pro AV technology:

What is big data?

Big data refers to any large, complex collection of structured or unstructured information that is too expansive to process using traditional data processing tools. Big data can be produced by a wide variety of modern systems or sensors, from video surveillance and analytics to point-of-sale, public safety and even employee performance data.

What makes a data set “big” is more about its size and complexity, rather than its content. For that reason, big data is often defined using “the three Vs”:

1. Volume. Of course, a large volume of data, such as criminal reports gathered over several decades, can be difficult to analyze and makes sense of.

2. Velocity. New technologies, such as RFID tags and facial recognition, gather data at unprecedented speeds, meaning that information accumulates quickly.

3. Variety. Data also becomes complex when many different types of information are being gathered, such as financial transactions, video data, emails, healthcare records, audio and long-form text documents.

As you can see, many of your customers in a variety of industries are dealing with a huge amount of information, every day. You have an opportunity to help them benefit from that information, rather than become buried under it.

How does big data relate to pro AV technology?

Certain pro AV systems, such as mobile marketing technology like NFC and iBeacons, as well as interactive devices such as touchscreens, gather information on consumers, such as shopping habits, demographics, emails, Twitter handles and usernames. These data sets can quickly become unwieldy in volume, velocity or variety, and end users need help making sense of and leveraging the power of this data.

As such pro AV technology becomes increasingly popular, the data gathered by these devices is growing at an exponential rate—providing your customers with an opportunity to gather insights about their own clients in new and exciting ways. They need your help in taking advantage of this wealth of information. By leveraging advanced data analytic software or pro AV systems that are specifically designed to harness big data, your customers can gather more insights on their customers than ever before possible and, best yet, use that knowledge to guide their business decisions.

Over the next several years, big data will only continue to grow. And more of your customers will realize the benefits of big data for their own marketing and advertising efforts, store design and operations. While the topic of big data can get quite complicated, a leading technology distributor can help you and your customers to ensure that valuable data is being used to its greatest ability.

Has your business experienced an increase in interest around big data? What are some of the ways in which your customers are seeking to leverage big data in their own operations?