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Track digital signage ROI with content analytics

September 11, 2017

Track digital signage ROI with content analytics

Today’s content management systems can do some truly amazing things for your customers. For instance, video cameras and analytics packages can be used to deliver targeted content that matches the gender and age of passersby. However, did you know that analytics can also be used to measure the effectiveness of a digital signage program?

Measure and adjust with content analytics

Did you know that you can utilize the same cameras used to trigger the targeted content to measure how long an individual views the signage? If cameras have a wide view of a store, it’s possible to see what actions they take after seeing content. Did the customer stand around long enough to watch the full video? Did they walk to the shoe section after seeing the advertisement for the shoe sale? With analytics, it’s possible to answer these questions and others.

Many retailers will test the effectiveness by having no signage at one location, paper signage at another and digital signage at a third location. While ROI and the quality of signage will differ for each store, it’s safe to say that digital signage can produce a minimum of a 51% bump in sales compared to a store with no signage. By using analytics, your customers can tell exactly how well their signage is doing.

As with content automation, analytics features aren’t commonly found in entry-level content management systems. Still, the ability to measure effectiveness and make adjustments means that the additional expense will more than pay for itself.

Vendor-sponsored ads require analytics

There’s another important aspect of analytics you should know about. If you have customers that want to run ad campaigns on their signage and have brands subsidize the cost of the technology, it won’t happen without analytics. Big brands aren’t willing to pay for ads on signage unless they can be sure the target audience can be identified and campaigns tracked.

As the trusted advisor for all things digital signage, make sure you ask your customers what their intentions are. They might not want to pay the additional money for analytics, but if they want to earn some extra money from vendors by running ads, they’ll need the functionality. If you don’t ask, you might miss this opportunity. Additionally, not all analytics packages are the same. If a vendor requires that the gender and age of customers be identified, the analytics package must be capable.

All things considered, giving customers the ability to target content to customers and then track the results is a compelling value proposition. While such a digital signage solution might not be common today, we’re quickly heading that way. With such a tangible ROI, you might want to make analytics a part of every sales discussion.