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Tips to guarantee digital signage ROI

September 25, 2017

Tips to guarantee digital signage ROI

Imagine walking into your next customer sales meeting with complete confidence that the digital signage project you were about to pitch was guaranteed to have a compelling and clear ROI. Having such confidence, and being able to share it with customers, isn’t outside the realm of possibility—as long as you heed the following advice.

Know what tools are available

Most digital signage applications contain basic functionality that allows you to report, with confidence that the screens were on, which content was playing and for how long and when it was playing. More advanced applications will show how many people saw the signage during that time. In an indoor environment, it’s easy to use cameras to monitor viewer behavior to measure view time.

In an outdoor environment, you can pair signage with a video surveillance camera and surveillance analytics package to collect the data. With such a setup, you can count cars as they pass a sign or use heatmapping analytics to count people passing a sign and how long they dwelled in the area looking at it. As a bonus, pairing video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on the sign itself and possibly deter vandalism.

Measure impact

No matter what the customer type, you should be able to measure the impact of the signage. For example, within retail you can compare the sales of items before signage and after. You can also measure foot traffic—before and after the signage.

However, ROI isn’t always tied to sales. Perhaps a school wants to increase the number of people attending events and uses outdoor signage to make announcements, or a doctor’s office wants to alert passersby that new patients are being accepted. Maybe a business wants to announce that they’re hiring. By measuring the increases in business after signage, you can prove ROI.

Don't miss the basics

Solution providers who aren’t digital signage experts will often overlook some of the basics mentioned above. There are, of course, other mistakes you can make that can impact ROI. Signs can be placed in suboptimal positions that limit viewability and, therefore, limit the amount of people who can engage with the signage.

Another common mistake is selecting signage screens that are the incorrect size. For example, putting a 55-inch screen 50 feet off the road. It’s just too small for someone in a car to read the sign.

Finally, another common mistake is having low-quality content. People will spend a lot of money putting in a system and then use poor content that doesn’t draw the viewer in. It’s not just the words, but how they’re designed, colors used and more.

Seek help, if necessary

If you lack the confidence, time or expertise to handle some of this yourself, Ingram Micro can help with creating digital signage content, selecting the best hardware and software, and supporting your customers post sale—all with a focus on ROI. Build your solutions with ROI in mind and you’ll find customers ready to buy.