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The Biggest Takeaways from This Year's Digital Signage Expo

June 02, 2017

The Biggest Takeaways from This Year's Digital Signage Expo

It’s touted as the largest, longest-running gathering of digital signage industry professionals in the world who represent market verticals from retail and restaurants to education and hospitality.

It’s part awards show, part new-product rollout and part educational symposium. And for solution providers and other customer-facing decision-makers, it’s a must-attend annual event. We’re talking about the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year’s DSE presented the newest, most cutting-edge digital signage technology and featured dozens of new and innovative products. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the show:

New products and technology

Much of the buzz centered on recent developments in digital display technology and kiosk deployment. Regarding kiosks, the question most heard by solution providers, installers and other end users was “Are you looking at a kiosk with interactivity, or looking to integrate mobile into your current offering?”

Products aimed at answering that question included new floor-standing enclosures that are both elegant and offer robust features, all while maintaining a modern, curvaceous and slim aesthetic look with lean frames and a small footprint. Look for these products capable of housing 40-inch to 80-inch displays in portrait orientation.

The ongoing debate between 4K displays and OLED took center stage as LG Electronics USA showed off its next generation of digital signage displays, including an 86-inch “Ultra Stretch” signage monitor, new 4K monitors, transparent displays and outdoor signage solutions. OLED displays in particular are making headway in the digital signage industry as the market go-to for today’s over-the-top wow factor. In particular, transparent OLEDs are showing up in high-end retail applications more and more.

OLED displays are thinner and lighter and offer better color performances compared to backlit LCD. OLED displays are already mass-produced for mobile phones, and OLEDs will continue gaining market share against LCD technology, at least when it comes to higher-end applications.

APEX Awards

This year, APEX Awards were presented to winners in nine categories from a field of 153 entrants from 11 countries. APEX Awards were individually assessed and juried on the basis of originality and innovation by 13 industry experts.

Why this is not your average dog-and-pony show is because digital signage has come a long way from being merely informative in nature to actually having creative applications that matter when it comes to marketing competitiveness. 

Educational seminars

Continuing education is vital in the digital signage and pro AV industry, simply because it evolves so quickly. This year’s DSE provided ample opportunity for solution providers to add to their professional expertise with peer-to-peer discussions, free on-floor workshops and coach tours that allowed attendees to visit multiple locations both on and off the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The tours afforded participants the opportunity to hear from spokespeople representing the venues and the technology, participate in knowledge-sharing about targeted topics and learn from industry leaders in a small-group environment.

All in all, this year’s DSE proved to be one of the best ever. What was your take on the expo?