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The 5 Best Verticals to Sell Audio Video Systems Into

November 17, 2017

The 5 Best Verticals to Sell Audio Video Systems Into

As a value-added reseller (VAR), you’re in a unique position to work with customers in a wide variety of industries, from corporations and large hotels to churches, schools and hospitals. This end user variety represents a fantastic opportunity for you to build a strong and successful business in the pro AV field—an area that is expected to see impressive gains for the next several years.

If you’re considering adding pro audio visual systems to your technology offering, the first step is getting a lay of the land. Start by developing a better understanding of the top six verticals for pro audio video systems:

1. Retail.

Experts agree that the fastest-growing vertical for pro AV is retail. Retailers have been using AV systems for years, but the popularity of pro AV and the diversity of systems is only going to increase through 2015 and 2016.

Currently, the retail industry is seeing a lot of interest in interactive digital signage, video walls, integration with social media, mobile capabilities, focused audio and transparent displays used for showcasing high-profile items. Once relegated to high-end stores and flagship locations, now pro AV technology is becoming much more popular in stores and locations of all kinds.

In the next five years, you can expect to see rapid growth in “mobile marketing” technology, which includes near-field communication (NFC) and iBeacons. These and other platforms help retailers better engage with their customers in multiple ways. Many stores are already using NFC and iBeacons to “push” coupons and other offers to in-store shoppers, as well as gather information on consumer shopping patterns.

2. Hospitality/Service.

Hotels and restaurants are also rapidly adopting audio visual systems to help engage with their customers. In the next year, hospitality is expected to be the second-fastest growing vertical, so be sure to keep these customers in mind as you look for new business.

Hotels are creating an increase in demand for video walls and digital signage, interactivity, wayfinding and mobile marketing. Meanwhile, restaurants are interested in digital menu boards, personal touchscreen ordering devices and even tablets to replace traditional menus.

3. Healthcare.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics are investing heavily in pro AV technology, including wayfinding, digital signage, video walls (especially for donor recognition projects), meeting rooms and video conferencing.

For healthcare facilities, the main goal is to improve communication with patients, doctors, staff and visitors, while also making sure that patients are as comfortable as possible. With those goals in mind, focus your healthcare efforts on devices and systems that facilitate easier and more flexible information-sharing.

4. Corporate Facilities.

Corporations have long been interested in pro AV technology, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. Your corporate customers will likely be looking for audio visual systems that enhance communication and collaboration among their employees and between office locations, as well as improve communication with customers.

When marketing to corporations, start with video conferencing, digital signage and projector systems. As you become more familiar with pro AV technology, you can then branch into collaboration technology, mobile capabilities, touchscreens and more.

5. Education.

Although education customers often face much tighter budgets than many other end users, the possibilities for audio visual systems in schools and universities is nearly limitless. Look for potential customers who might be interested in interactive touchscreens and projector systems in the classroom, as well as wayfinding and digital signage throughout the campus.

What other verticals are you interested in selling pro audio video systems into? In your experience, which verticals are currently experiencing the most growth?