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Seven Benefits of Digital Signage VARs Should Include in Sales Presentations

February 25, 2017

Seven Benefits of Digital Signage VARs Should Include in Sales Presentations

Every value-added reseller (VAR) has been there: In the middle of a sales presentation, the client looks you square in the face and asks, “But how will this system benefit my bottom line?”

With many technologies, this can be a difficult question to answer. Luckily, digital signage provides several benefits to an organization’s bottom line, so you can be confident that you won’t be caught unprepared.

For your next sales presentation, keep in mind these seven benefits of digital signage:

1. Increased brand recognition.

For many customers, such as those in the retail and hospitality markets, digital signage has strong potential to increase brand recognition. Digital content located throughout a store, hotel, restaurant or casino reaffirms the brand and its unique “personality.” This has been proven to increase brand recognition among consumers.

2. Improved customer experience.

In many applications, digital signage can help customers or visitors have a better experience overall. This can occur through education, information or even entertainment. For example, visitors at a hospital can use digital signage for easy wayfinding, while retail shoppers are more engaged with a store after experimenting with its interactive digital signage display.

3. Better customer service and enhanced employee knowledge.

Digital signage systems can help employees better serve their customers by acting as a knowledge resource. This is especially true in banking, retail, hospitality, healthcare and similar markets.

For example, Subaru recently implemented a digital signage platform in all of its U.S. dealerships. Customers can learn about the brand’s vehicles through photos and video, and associates can access in-depth information on each product to bolster their sales presentations.

4. Higher sales.

Digital signage has been proven to increase sales in many applications. This is particularly true for restaurateurs who use digital menu boards, retailers who digitally promote sales and promotions, and hospitality locations that leverage digital to create VIP and loyalty programs. For your customers in these areas, be sure to really highlight the potential for higher sales.

5. Cost savings.

By doing away with recurring expenses from printing items like signs and newsletters, digital signage has the potential to actually offer cost savings. Meanwhile, this swap can significantly benefit a company’s sustainability initiatives.

6. More targeted content.

Digital signage content can be adjusted in real-time, according to the time of day, current events and holidays, special promotions and more. With traditional printed signage, these kinds of changes took days or even weeks. This type of dynamic content enables a customer to hone their message more precisely, which helps to encourage sales, improve engagement and promote repeat visits.

7. Strong potential for ROI.

With all these benefits of digital signage combined, the potential for a strong return on investment exists for many digital signage customers. In some cases, a new digital signage solution can pay for itself in just a few years.

When possible, include examples of ROI potential in your sales presentations. Illustrate cost savings from factors such as reduced printing costs and growth from factors such as increased revenue and brand recognition. Seeing how digital signage might impact the bottom line is often the biggest deciding factor for potential customers.

What other benefits of digital signage do you discuss with your potential customers? What sales tips would you share with other VARs?