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Seeking more digital signage work? Look outdoors.

October 02, 2017

Seeking more digital signage work? Look outdoors.

 If you’re like most pro AV solution providers, you’re interested in finding new sources of business. Some look to new verticals. Some create new services to offer. Some expand their line cards. Any combination of these actions can lead to success, but there’s another option you shouldn’t overlook—selling outdoor signage. Costs have dropped, the technology has improved, and customers are interested to the point that LED signage has become a compelling offering.

Select the right LED for your application

If you’re going to sell outdoor signage, your two main choices are direct LED and LED-backlit. Each has its own pros and cons.

Direct LED—Thanks to the bezel-less nature of direct LED, it’s possible to put multiple units together to form a larger video wall. Direct LED tends to be slightly lower resolution (you won’t find 4k models available), particularly when compared to the next option. Considering the size and viewing distance of most video walls, the lower resolution of the displays typically isn’t an issue.

LED-backlit—These displays offer higher resolution than direct LED, making them ideal for close viewing and HD content. While the units have thin bezels, they aren’t thin enough for a bezel-less video wall.

If you’re aiming for an outdoor implementation, make sure you select an outdoor version of one or the other type of display. Outdoor versions typically have a higher brightness to compete with the sun and anti-reflective glass with UV and IR filters. Not only will this protect the screen, but it allows the screen to be viewable through sunglasses. Additionally, most outdoor models can withstand extreme temperatures and offer some form of weather resistance.

How to achieve outdoor success

Here are some quick tips:

  • Selling LEDs for outdoor applications requires much of the same preparation as for indoor applications. For example, you should educate customers on the importance of keeping content current. Even better, offer your services to manage the content on their behalf.
  • Your outdoor signage projects can really stand out if you include the right enclosure that makes the signage look like a fixture that matches the aesthetic of the customer, as opposed to a simple display. Additionally, the right enclosure will help protect against vandalism.
  • In most cases, outdoor signage will run 24/7, so keep that in mind when selecting the hardware (can it handle a perpetual runtime?).
  • Use online calculators (or call your Ingram Micro rep) to determine the right screen size for your signage depending on the viewing distance.
  • Talk with your customers about ROI to ease the sale.

As you can imagine, outdoor signage solutions, by their nature, can create numerous revenue sources for solution providers willing to break outside the four walls. If you’re looking to sell displays, power supplies, networking gear, PCs, security cameras, mounts and more, look no further than these solutions already in your wheelhouse.