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Q&A: Work smarter, not harder with Ingram Micro’s complimentary pro AV design services

June 21, 2021

Q&A: Work smarter, not harder with Ingram Micro’s complimentary pro AV design services
Remaining competitive as a solution provider requires you to leverage all available resources. Doing so can help you increase efficiencies, reduce overhead and improve margins. If you’re a pro AV solution provider, one valuable resource that should be part of your sales process is Ingram Micro’s complimentary AV design service. To learn more about how the service can work for you, we spoke with Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert.

What is Ingram Micro’s design service?
Jones: The pro AV design service gives Ingram Micro solution providers the ability to email or call one of our certified industry experts for pre- and post-build design services. The goal of the service is to help solution providers identify previously uncovered needs, construct a bill of materials and create a solution that meets the requirements of the end customer.

What does Ingram Micro’s design service cost?
Jones: Ingram Micro covers the cost of the design service for solution providers. The goal of the program is to eliminate potential barriers to winning pro AV business. If we can help solution providers win more business and create more robust solutions, everyone wins.

How can Ingram Micro’s AV design services help solution providers?
Jones: The complimentary design service was created to reduce the workload of solution providers while also immediately expanding their breadth of knowledge by connecting them with certified industry experts on our design team. As a result of using the service, solution providers can expect to see increased efficiencies and improved margins.

What’s the typical workflow of the design service?
Jones: The first thing our team will do is gather a high-level view of the end customer’s characteristics, define their objectives and develop the scope of work. The next step is to discuss where the project will reside and what limitations may affect the installation. Our team will also explore the challenges that may come up, including product and delivery issues, project management and integration obstacles, system commissioning and project sign-off. Since there’s more than one way to accomplish the objective, we’ll explore the options to meet the end user's needs. Once all issues have been addressed, the final deliverable includes the system design and final bill of materials.

What types of solutions fall under the complimentary AV design service?
Jones: Pre- and post-build design services are available for sound; video walls; menu boards for quick-service restaurants, retail, health facility cafeterias; hospitality solutions (lobby and in-room entertainment); kiosks; stadium; education and government and more. We don’t shy away from unique solutions either, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Who is the ideal solution provider to benefit from the design service?
Jones: Regardless of the solution provider’s size or capabilities, using the complimentary design service will free up their staff to focus on more critical services.

How long does it take for the design service to complete a design and produce a bill of materials?
Jones: Typical, the team can turn around a design in only 24 hours. In some cases, this might extend to 48 hours.

How do I get in contact with the design service team?
Jones: For more information, contact designservices@ingrammicro.com or your Ingram Micro sales representative at (888) 973-7991.


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