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Pro AV training creates powerful business opportunities

February 17, 2020

Pro AV training creates powerful business opportunities
If you want to improve your business, there are a few levers solution providers typically pull. Ramping up marketing to boost sales is one example. Increasing operational efficiencies to reduce expenses is another. While both are worthy of your attention, there’s another area you should consider: pro AV training.

Let’s look at two ways training can help your business.

Sell training to your customers
Many solution providers overlook pro AV training as a professional service they can sell to their customers. If you haven’t considered this add-on sale, know that you’re missing out on an extremely profitable service that can deliver 20+ points of margin.

To make this opportunity even sweeter, once you’ve sold this professional service to your customers, your job is done. Ingram Micro provides the expert trainer, course materials, lab equipment (if necessary) and testing facility.

Ingram Micro offers many different in-person and online pro AV training courses for vendor-specific certifications and more general industry-specific certifications. For example, Ingram Micro’s Tom Jones is certified to provide in-person Brawn Consulting training courses. Also, Ingram Micro is now a certified AVIXA training center to bring Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) education, certification and continuing education renewal units to your customers. Additionally, Ingram Micro offers hundreds of courses and certifications to meet your needs.

One common pro AV training Ingram Micro provides to end users is for content creation. If you have customers with marketing teams and ideas for how to use your digital signage installation, they can take the training to learn best practices to get the most from their investment.

Improve your internal tech IQ
When you think about pro AV training, you probably think about educating and certifying your own employees. Hopefully, as a professional trusted advisor, you are already well aware that having trained and certified employees increases your organizational value. While some certifications are necessary to sell certain products and solutions, others can serve as a differentiator in your competitive space, allowing you to stand out and be more marketable.

Additionally, pro AV training creates more knowledgeable employees who are better able to identify problems with customers and find opportunities for your solutions. If you consider yourself among the top-performing pro AV solution providers, you’ll have an emphasis on, and budget allocated for, training, certification and continuing education.

As mentioned previously, Ingram Micro offers a variety of pro AV training courses ranging from product-specific to more general industry topics. If you’d like more information on training and certifications available to both your employees and your customers, contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert and certified trainer.