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Our Top Five Digital Signs for Business Examples

April 08, 2017

Our Top Five Digital Signs for Business Examples

Innovative uses of digital signage can crop up anywhere—from large corporate headquarters to a mom-and-pop business. Regardless of the size of the display or the stature of the company, digital signage can provide substantial benefits to all types of companies. Here, we count down our five favorite uses of digital signage for business:

1. eBay’s digital Support Center.

eBay recently implemented new digital signage throughout its two-building Support Center. Now, the facility features more than 115 monitors that deliver five channels of digital signage content, which can be customized according to the department. The screens communicate information that is highly relevant to employees, such as community and corporate events, HR updates, departmental announcements and more.

2. Bloomberg’s Link.

Financial firm Bloomberg Business has long been involved with digital signage, and their headquarters really shines with the technology. In “The Link,” the main connection point between the east and west sides of the building, visitors and employees are treated to a unique display: enormous strips of LED that feature real-time news and financial information that the company harnesses itself. The result is an eye-catching, dynamic and modern display.

In other areas of the facility, Bloomberg uses more traditional digital signage for employee recognition, volunteer opportunities and to track goals.

3. ‘Frito-vision’ at Frito-Lay.

Frito-Lay’s 28-acre manufacturing complex, located north of Indianapolis, uses an expansive digital signage network to communicate to its 1,500 employees. Content includes HR announcements, employee recognition and, perhaps most importantly, key weather announcements.

For example, severe weather information and protocols are circulated via digital signage when the complex is about to close due to snow or ice. The centralized information helps ensure that each employee knows exactly what to do and when.

4. Apple’s hush-hush ‘Mothership’.

Although Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about the inner-workings of its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, there are plenty of reports of exciting technology permeating its sprawling campus. By most accounts, digital signage is everywhere.

Apple reportedly has a large “digital classroom” with large digital displays used for brainstorming sessions, new employee training and other activities. A network of digital signs update employees on campus events, weather, traffic and more. And in the atrium, the MacWorld App Wall—an impressive video wall—displays the icons for iOS apps that are being purchased at any given moment in real-time.

5. Jet Blue’s high-impact headquarters.

When JetBlue Airways opened its new corporate headquarters in Long Island City, N.Y., the company set out to redefine the concept of “office space.” The open-plan, collaborative environment includes chat rooms, environmentally-friendly furniture and materials, employee lounges and plenty of natural light. The design showcases the JetBlue brand and offers offering a special connection to the airline’s operation. And tying it all together is a massive, 40-foot-tall digital signage display, aptly named the “Wing Walls.”

The dynamic, ever-changing Wing Walls help set the tone of a company that is known for thinking outside of the box, with colorful and lively animation, social media feeds, QR codes and more. The display is a huge hit with JetBlue employees and visitors alike.

What are some of your top digital signage examples in a business setting? What features would you say are most important to your own business customers?