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New Digital Signage Technology to Pay Attention to

April 13, 2017

New Digital Signage Technology to Pay Attention to

This is an exciting time in the digital signage industry, as the technology is advancing very rapidly, leading to incredible new innovations all the time. 2016 is already shaping up to be a fascinating year for digital signage. Take a look at some of the newest trends that you should pay attention to this year and beyond:

Motorized displays

Samsung wowed the audience at CES 2016 with its motorized SUHD display, in which 22 flat-panel TVs moved from a single row to five rows during a high-impact presentation. The screens were installed on motorized mounts, enabling them to move back and forth and really enhance the entire experience. See it for yourself here.

This exciting project could point to a broader trend in digital signage: motorized displays. This is an interesting way to optimize your content, while also catching the viewer’s eye with something truly unique.

Curved displays

Some of the biggest names in digital signage, including LG and Samsung, recently released innovative curved displays that open up a new world of possibilities for value-added resellers and their customers. At CES, visitors saw several new S-shaped and curved screens and video walls, some of them double-sided, which maximizes the display area and allows the customer to tell even more story.

One of the most notable innovations came from LG, which announced an 18-inch rollable OLED display. Incredibly, it can be rolled up like a newspaper and then easily unrolled again. This technology has exciting implications for the future of digital signage—a future that may be much more portable than today’s displays.

Glasses-free 3-D

3-D screens haven’t really taken off in digital signage yet, mainly because many applications make it difficult to incorporate the necessary glasses. Enter glasses-free 3-D, which is ideal for the world of digital signage.

This year, there have already been product releases of 4K glasses-free 3-D displays, which promise to create an immersive viewing experience like no other. And as the race to create the most memorable digital displays continues, we expect to see even more interest and investment in 3-D, particularly in high-end retail markets.

Electronic ink

It’s official: “E Ink” isn’t just for Kindles anymore. This year, it’s making the move to digital signage, providing a low-power, high-contrast display option that is easily readable in direct sunlight.

This is an exciting development for challenging outdoor environments, which previously have had limited product choices. Expect to see E Ink popping up in outdoor restaurants and cafes, transportation facilities and more.

Smarter sensors

As digital signage technology grows increasingly intelligent, it is becoming capable of detecting its surrounding environment and optimizing its content and display accordingly.

For example, Peerless-AV is now using screen sensor technology that enables a display to detect how much light it is being exposed to. If necessary, the display can automatically adjust its brightness levels in order to reduce glare and optimize clarity.

This type of intelligent sensor technology helps ensure that your customers’ investment in digital signage is maximized, regardless of external factors. It also frees them from manually monitoring a display so that they can focus on bigger-picture strategy and other tasks.

What other new digital signage trends have you encountered? Which technologies do you think will really take off in 2016?