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Never pass up pro AV business again

October 10, 2017

Never pass up pro AV business again

 With competition as fierce as it is today, we never want to see a solution provider pass up on a good sales opportunity. However, it happens all the time.

  • Sometimes the project requires a certification you don’t have.
  • Sometimes the job falls outside your scope of knowledge or involves an integration beyond your expertise.
  • Sometimes you don’t have the personnel required to complete the job in a timely fashion.

Whether you’re a small solution provider with just a few employees or a large national powerhouse, there will probably come a time when you consider passing up on a potential job for any of the above reasons. None of these excuses should stand in your way of winning a project.

Outsource for success

Ingram Micro isn’t just focused on getting you the pro AV products you need, we offer additional services that will enable you to say yes to any potential work that comes your way.

Need help with a complex point-of-sale integration? We have your covered. Need something as simple as a longer ladder? We can help. Looking to expand your geographic footprint to another state or even another country? Check.

By leveraging Ingram Micro’s database of trusted technicians and experts, we can help supplement your team short- or long-term to win that big deal and have your install go without a hitch. Our third-party contractors are vetted by you, meet qualifications set by you and sign contracts to ease any concerns you might have of them stealing away your customers. In short, the system was created to work for you and eliminate problems, not create new ones.

Fill gaps in your knowledge, expertise

That said, our service extends far beyond an installer. If you’re a small solution provider about to land a big customer, you’ll probably need project management help. We can help you there as well. In fact, we recently assisted a three-employee solution provider perform a nationwide franchise rollout. Rather than miss an opportunity at the business, this solution provider won the project, had an orderly rollout and now supports a happy national account.

Here’s what this boils down to: Ingram Micro wants you to be as successful as possible. We want to enable you to grow, sell more and have satisfied customers. The next time you have any doubts about your ability to complete a project, even if it’s outside of pro AV, contact your Ingram Micro rep or Tom Jones, technology consultant II, Advanced Solutions, ProAV/Digital Signage, Ingram Micro. Together, we can win business you didn’t think possible. Christopher.Kacala@ingrammicro.com