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Making AV Video a Priority to Your Customer Today

July 31, 2017

Making AV Video a Priority to Your Customer Today

Although the pro AV market is growing steadily—and expected to be worth $114 billion globally by next year—some end users struggle to see the potential of these devices and systems. Perhaps they are put off by the cost of today’s AV technology, or they can’t quite imagine how it would benefit their business. However, the beauty of innovative AV systems is this: there is something for everyone.

As a value-added reseller (VAR), you’re in a unique position to introduce customers from all types of industries, from education to retail, to the benefits of pro AV technology. That’s especially true of AV video, since this digital content has been shown to significantly impact customers in all types of verticals. You’ll simply need a little finesse to help each of your clients realize that AV video is an important business priority.

Make a Strong Business Case

It’s vital to fully understand how your potential customer would benefit from an AV video system. For those who are new to pro AV, look for ways in which digital signage, video conferencing, or other solutions would positively impact their business.

AV video can benefit users in education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, gaming, events, and more. With each potential customer, ask questions to get an understanding of how their business operates. Then, look for ways in which pro AV could impact their bottom line or make their business run more smoothly or efficiently.

Demonstrate Return on Investment

One of the most common objections from any potential customer is the initial investment. That’s why it’s so important to demonstrate a strong return on investment for customers in all verticals.

When possible, be prepared to directly answer the question of how long it will take for each customer to recoup the price of their AV system. This ROI could come from many sources, such as higher sales, decreased costs, or improved business efficiency.

When it comes to AV video, consider these examples of a strong ROI:

  • Improved sales through increased brand recognition
  • A decreased travel budget thanks to video conferencing
  • Promotion of specials and real-time updates of relevant products and services
  • Enhanced customer experience using digital signage infotainment or entertainment content
  • Significantly decreased printing costs through the use of digital signage

Point to the Future

As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon digital communication, the role of pro AV technology in business will only grow. Be sure that your customer understands that AV video isn’t simply a trend or a temporary solution; by installing a pro AV solution, your customer is setting their business up for long-term success.

Explain how your customer could start small today and then grow their installation over time. For example, a retail store could install a few digital signs to advertise their brand and any special promotions. Then, in five or 10 years, you could help them expand their signage network to include a new video wall, social media integration, and other advanced features. Depending on your customer’s goals for the future, there is a pro AV system that can help them get closer to those achievements.

Have you encountered much difficulty when trying to convince a prospective customer on the benefits of pro AV technology? What are some of the ways in which you change their minds?