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It’s time to get into the content game

August 16, 2017

It’s time to get into the content game

Pro AV solution providers often tell us that they’re looking for additional revenue streams. While we certainly recommend selling complementary technologies, there’s also a commonly overlooked opportunity closer to home—content creation and management.

Upon evaluating the content business, we can identify four common benefits to solution providers:

  1. It’s margin-rich.
  2. It’s increases the value you provide.
  3. It creates stickier customer relationships.
  4. It can create a source of recurring revenue.

So, what’s stopping you from adding content creation and management to your line card? In the past, a common response would be, “Creating content is difficult and outside our area of expertise.” Thankfully, things are much easier today and that sentiment is no longer accurate.

CMS tools and templates

With the latest generation content management systems (CMS), you no longer need someone with a background in Flash or a creative artist to produce high-quality content. Modern CMSs now include tools and templates to simplify content creation. Indeed, most systems come with templates for common applications we see in restaurants, education and general office use. Templates now remove the guesswork concerning image and text balance and the appropriate usage and placement of scrolling tickers. Of course, other after-market industry-specific templates are also available for purchase.

Training is available

Having access to templates doesn’t mean all your decisions are made for you. It’s still ideal for you or a staff member to get trained on composition and design to understand the use of fonts, colors and contrast on a screen. If you’re interested in learning more, Ingram Micro has a self-paced course for learning the elements of sound digital signage content creation. Additionally, you’ll want to be able to educate your customers on untapped digital signage uses and best practices concerning content.

Managing content is necessary

From a management perspective, it’s important to have a good understanding of how your customer operates, what information they need to update and how often. Even something that seems static such as a restaurant menu will require updates to capture attention and generate sales. A quick serve restaurant will need help with initial formatting, price changes and special promotions. In education, you’ll find there’s a lot of changing content that will need to be driven through the CMS.

When you gain an understanding of the update frequency and content needs of your customers, you’ll then be able to offer your services as a monthly subscription to generate recurring revenue. Compared with hardware and software sales alone, you’ll find that such a service carries high margins in addition to the other benefits listed above. There’s never been a better time to make content creation and management a part of your offering.