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Interactive Digital Signage: 5 Steps to Increase End-User Engagement

July 21, 2017

Interactive Digital Signage: 5 Steps to Increase End-User Engagement

Today's increasingly mobile society is providing value-added resellers with an ever-changing landscape that can be tapped into and engage end-users in almost unlimited, creative ways and across virtually every marketing vertical.

With overall revenue for the digital signage market expected to increase by 10 percent in 2015 and 7 percent in 2016, new opportunities are being created for VARs to reach more consumers than ever before. The key is knowing how to corral end-user attention with dynamic and engaging messaging deployed via powerfully effective and well-crafted digital signage solutions.

Here's a peek at some core principles VARs should keep in mind when trying to increase end-user engagement:

1. Maximize information potential

Digital signage is already installed at most major airports, train stations, and bus depots, and is a prime example of how to provide valuable information to end-users quickly and effectively.

However, small, outdated LCD and LED monitors that are hard to read or in need of repair will surely motivate end-users to seek their information elsewhere.

Consumers are driven toward newer technology, and one of the best ways to ensure effective engagement is to make sure that displays are large enough to be read clearly and are a current technological product offering.

2. Location, location, location

Just as this adage holds true in the real estate market, so it goes with digital sign advertising.

VARs are in a unique position to offer customers effective solutions that can be used to advertise products or services.

And VARs that offer turnkey solutions will likely recommend that their customers deploy digital signage solutions in high-profile, high-traffic locations that not only attract and engage end-users with effective messaging, but also provide a steady revenue stream. For example, interactive kiosks strategically placed at outdoor events have been known to effectively boost sales and brand recognition for their sponsors.

3. Education

Digital signage is becoming more commonplace in the education vertical as campuses across the globe are being wired for their 21st century student body.

Educators are turning to digital signage to provide solutions for informational purposes and, increasingly, instructional tools that engage students from multiple, sometimes far-flung locations. Many larger universities and colleges are adopting video management platforms for lecture capture purposes.

The bonus for VARs is being able to sell turnkey digital signage solutions that reach large numbers of end-users?a key goal in the higher education vertical.

Digital menu boards are another great example of how VARs can offer customers greater end-user experiences. The main purpose is to educate viewers about menu items, showcasing prices, product descriptions, ingredients, or calorie counts. Yet it also serves to advertise menu items and entice buyers.

4. Entertain

The primary purpose of digital signage is to provide information, but when that information is conveyed to end-users in ways that entertain, engagement increases dramatically because it holds their attention longer. VARs providing turnkey solutions to businesses may want to highlight content that contains:

  • Live television feeds
  • Video clips
  • Customized company messaging
  • Other unique digital content

Large-format displays are more effective with end-users that are being communicated to with this type of enhanced messaging.

5. The ‘Wow!’ factor

One advantage of digital signage is that it's often perceived as high-tech and "cool," especially when strategically deployed. As interactive displays and kiosks become more cost-effective, the technology is opening up opportunities for creative digital signage strategies across vertical markets such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, and hospitality.

Again, VARs are in a unique position to offer their clients turnkey digital signage solutions that, when creatively installed, can affect a consumer’s impression that results in an uptick in sales.