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How to Freshen Up Your Pro AV Business

April 27, 2017

How to Freshen Up Your Pro AV Business

Like any technology, pro AV advances steadily. That’s why as new innovations and trends emerge, it’s important that any solution provider keeps its business relevant to the needs of the industry. Sometimes, that means taking a hard look at your business and determining what might need to change.

Luckily, a solution provider business can easily remain relevant and competitive by simply keeping up with the needs of its customers. If it’s time to look toward the future of your product offering, consider these three ways to freshen up your pro AV business:

1. Explore new digital signage opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve only focused on pro AV technologies, without fully embracing digital signage. Well, now is the best time to incorporate these displays into your product offering, thanks to the incredible growth that the technology is experiencing.

Adding digital signage to your lineup is a fantastic way to offer something new to your existing customers, while also attracting brand-new business. You might start small with a few one-off installations, such as a screen in the waiting room of a medical office or the lobby of a hotel. Then, you can gradually branch out to areas of the market that are really hot.

For example, think about incorporating outdoor digital signage into your product offering. Digital advertising is driving a boom in the outdoor ad market, as customers realize the incredible potential of billboards and signs that can be easily changed and customized, without the inherent costs and delays of static signage.  

In addition, explore the growing market for digital signage kiosks. These interactive stations can serve a variety of functions, including wayfinding, customer service, information and check-in. They also provide a compelling cost-savings possibility for your clients, because a digital kiosk can often help cut back on personnel requirements.

2. Add emerging technologies.

Customers in every market are intrigued by the advanced capabilities of today’s emerging pro AV technologies. While not every client will have the budget for such systems, now is still a good time to incorporate them into your business and establish yourself as an expert on newer technologies.

Your business might benefit from adding technologies such as software as a service, video walls, interactive digital signage and networked meeting rooms. You may be surprised to find out how many customers are already excited to adopt these innovations. At the very least, you’ll plant the seed that you are the go-to source for advanced technologies once their budgets allow it.

3. Look into different verticals.

Are there other customers that you could be serving in your local market? If you’ve built your business around a particular niche, such as retail or education, now is a good time to explore something new. After all, you already know the technology and many of the common challenges associated with AV and digital signage; branching into a new vertical, like hospitality or events, could be a natural complement to your existing business.

Becoming an expert in a new vertical is certainly a rewarding way to liven up your pro AV business. Not only do you expose yourself to an entirely different segment of potential customers, but you also have the opportunity to learn about a new market and add diverse skill sets to your resume. That could mean a snowball effect of new business for years to come.

Do you think it might be time to freshen up your pro AV business? What are some of the tips that you might implement at your own company?