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How to Explain the Benefits of an LCD Video Wall to Your Clients

June 19, 2017

How to Explain the Benefits of an LCD Video Wall to Your Clients

Once a relatively small niche for very high-end customers, the video wall market has exploded in popularity. In fact, video walls sales are expected to reach nearly $18 billion by 2020—representing a significant slice of the overall pro AV industry. It’s no wonder value-added resellers (VARs) are clamoring to introduce their customers to the unique benefits of video walls.

But where should you begin? Here are a few suggestions for explaining the benefits of LCD video walls to your customers.

Start with the Basics

Unless they work in a related technology field, many of your customers might be completely new to the idea of an LCD video wall, so it’s best to start with some of the basics. Explain the idea behind a video wall as a high-impact, mass-communication display. Consider having your sales meeting in a location with an impressive video wall, such as a shopping mall or restaurant. Then, depending on your customer’s needs, talk about how a video wall can help them to achieve their goals.

Get Specific

Go over some of the ways in which today’s LCD video walls have evolved, such as thinner bezels advanced capabilities and high-definition resolution. Then, think about how an LCD video wall will benefit each individual customer: Are they seeking better customer service? Improved brand recognition? Info-tainment and engagement?

Depending on the specific purpose of the display, you’ll want to highlight various benefits, such as:

  • Relatively low price and quick ROI. As LCD screen prices have continued their downward trend, video wall technology becomes increasingly accessible to a broader range of customers. For those who might not have considered video walls in the past, now is the time to demonstrate how their initial investment could provide ROI over time, whether through increased sales, improved customer loyalty or some other metric.

  • Advanced features. Years ago, video walls were relegated to displaying video, images, some audio and not much else. Today’s LCD video walls feature touchscreen capabilities, social media integration, gesture-recognition, computer intelligence and more. New features are being added all the time.

  • Dynamic content. Video walls can source content from a wide array of places: the end user’s desktop, the Cloud, Blu-Ray discs and DVDs, YouTube and other streaming sites, digital content providers and more. That means the options for creating dynamic content are nearly limitless, and your customers are able to cater specifically to their goals better than ever before.

Show Them the Benefits

Rather than simply talking about the incredible potential of today’s video walls, why not invite your customer to enjoy a first-hand demonstration? During your sales meeting, show them examples of video walls in action so that they can better grasp the features that are available.

When possible, take one or two potential customers with you to an industry tradeshow. Not only will they get to see all the innovations emerging from this dynamic industry; they’ll also get to experiment with advanced video wall features with their own two hands.

How receptive are your own customers to the idea of an LCD video wall? What are some of the techniques you’ve used to make a video wall sale?