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How pro AV solutions enrich the classroom

How pro AV is affecting education and where the sales opportunities exist for you.

August 19, 2019

How pro AV solutions enrich the classroom
Classrooms today, particularly at the higher levels, are significantly different from just 10 years ago. Technology plays an ever-increasing role in giving students access not only to course materials and information, but to one another and the instructor regardless of location. Bringing everything together, at the center of this tech revolution, are pro AV technologies. Here are a few examples of how pro AV is being used in the classroom today:

Distance learning—Self-paced asynchronous learning has never been more effective thanks to the availability of streaming audio-video-based course materials and chat rooms with functionality one can find in enterprise UCC solutions. However, synchronous learning, where students and instructors attend classes live, albeit remotely, is where great strides have been made. The proliferation of high-speed internet and rollout of affordable and effective technologies has created new possibilities. Today, students can tap into live-streamed classes via a home PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Flipped learning—Under this learning model, students learn and discuss course material at home and in their spare time and then work on projects together while in the classroom. Ideally, flipped learning provides a teaching environment that’s interactive, dynamic and engaging. To achieve this, educators need pro AV and communications technology that can help facilitate anytime, anywhere collaboration.

Traditional classrooms—Even typical classrooms don’t look the same today as they did just a few years ago. Teachers now have access to pro AV technology that allows them to better engage with students. Lessons can be more dynamic and exciting to students when AV technology is properly used. When it’s time for students to share their projects, work or research, apps exist that allow each student to broadcast their computing device to the classroom displays.

In addition, more emphasis is being placed on collaboration and teamwork among students and their teachers. Some schools have followed the corporate world and broken larger classrooms into smaller huddle groups. Each group has its own interactive whiteboard or large tablet surface to work together on problems and course material.

Pro AV technologies are also making it easier for students with disabilities to participate in the classroom. Microphones and speakers can help the hearing-impaired. Interactive whiteboards are better at capturing the attention of students with ADHD. Finally, multimedia lessons are generally easier for all students to process.

Sales opportunities abound

The above examples create numerous opportunities to develop robust solutions. Here are just a few line items you could be offering:

  • Interactive whiteboards, displays, projectors and screens for on-premises classrooms
  • Webcams, IP video cameras, microphones for recording of classroom lessons
  • Wireless presentation gateways to send lessons to displays from the instructors’ computers
  • On-demand video servers to broadcast archived recordings
  • Team collaboration/persistent chat apps
If you’re ready to bring pro AV solutions to the education market, contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert.