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Hospital digital signage sales cheat sheet

November 16, 2017

Hospital digital signage sales cheat sheet

Healthcare is one of the more difficult verticals to break into, which is why solution providers already involved should strive to maximize their relationships and sell a broad array of technologies. One solution set that’s very appealing to healthcare organizations is digital signage; however, you often won’t know there’s a need or interest in the technology unless you ask the right questions. Indeed, sometimes your healthcare customers won’t even be aware of digital signage as a potential answer to their problems.

The next time you’re talking to your hospital customers, ask the following questions to uncover potential digital signage needs:

  1. What questions do your receptionists field the most?
    In most cases, the ROI of digital signage can be quickly proven by freeing up receptionists to focus on more important tasks rather than answering frequently asked questions. For instance, if visitors ask about visiting times for specific areas of the hospital, signage can display the hours. Additionally, signage can be used to give directions to visitors.
  2. Do visitors struggle to navigate the hospital?
    Hospitals are usually large sprawling complexes with multiple floors and wings. It’s no surprise then that visitors need help finding their way around. Digital signage wayfinding applications can be implemented to give visitors a chance to easily find their destination on-screen. By incorporating QR codes, hospitals can give guests the ability to download maps on their mobile devices to help navigate the facility.
  3. What messages do you need to share with employees and/or visitors?
    Hospital administration will often have important messages to share with employees and/or visitors such as flu shot reminders and special event schedules. Digital signage is a great way to share messages quickly, especially when multiple displays are networked together.
  4. Are you looking for ways to show appreciation to financial supporters?
    Many hospitals rely on charitable donations to improve the quality of care they provide and perform important research. In fact, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy revealed that $11 billion was donated to nonprofit hospitals and healthcare systems in North America in 2016. Due to the importance of these donations, hospitals are looking for unique ways to thank large donors. Typically, donors will be displayed on plaques on a wall within the facility. With digital signage, it’s possible to dynamically showcase special donors with text, photos and video.

These are just a few questions to get the conversation started. Once you’ve opened a dialog with your customers, probing to understand their messaging needs will most likely unveil additional opportunities to solve problems through digital signage.