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Focus on selling more pro AV systems in 2021

January 18, 2021

Focus on selling more pro AV systems in 2021
AVIXA, the audiovisual and integrated experience association, recently published its annual report, which reveals that despite an overall market decline due to the pandemic, we’re on a path to recovery. In fact, AVIXA data points to the general industry still growing to $315 billion by 2025, representing a 5.8% five-year CAGR.

In our previous blog, Ingram Micro pro AV expert Tom Jones shared two other recovery indicators—the pro AV supply chain is ramping back up and customers are looking to technology for help in safely reopening under new guidelines. With a positive outlook, we asked Jones to share what steps pro AV dealers can take for growth and recovery in 2021.

Remote work is here to stay for many
“Corporate communications will never be the same,” says Jones. “While many physical offices will slowly return to pre-pandemic levels of on-site staffing, many have also grown to enjoy the benefits of virtual offices.” Additionally, some organizations implemented less-than-ideal pro AV systems as Band-Aids to quickly maintain communication levels. Now, those organizations are circling back to implement business-class solutions. As a result, Jones says there will be a continued opportunity throughout 2021 to sell conferencing solutions that allow remote workers to communicate effectively.

“I think we’ll see a more evenly split hybrid approach to meetings from now on,” he adds. “Organizations will dedicate less space to large conference rooms and instead implement smaller huddle spaces. Focusing on well-designed huddle rooms with cameras, displays and interactive whiteboards could be a lucrative opportunity in the next two years.”

Social distancing and safety measures will continue
“Selling a cookie-cutter large format display, mount and media player isn’t a value proposition that will resonate with many organizations in the short term,” says Jones. “You may want to adjust your solutions to include features that safeguard customers and employees.” He explains that pro AV dealers can approach customers about implementing signage that encourages social distancing and wearing masks.

Additionally, cameras with thermal imaging sensors can measure customers and employees for fever and then alert management or display instructions via signage. Finally, kiosks can employ gesture controls that allow users to operate the device without physical contact.

Machine learning will take pro AV to new levels
Thankfully, not every trend worth watching is pandemic-related. For example, Jones says advancements in AI and machine learning will profoundly impact pro AV. We’ve already seen some camera and CMS innovations that can determine a person’s age and gender to deliver highly targeted content. These types of solutions will only become more common.

The next evolution of machine learning will include speech recognition using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced object tracking for conference halls and live broadcasts. Finally, machine learning can be used for region-of-interest encoding, a process by which video quality is kept high for critical areas of video (e.g., a face) and low for less critical areas (e.g., a background). As a result, the overall bitrate of the video can be greatly reduced.

Pro AV opportunities abound in 2021; these are just a few to consider. Contact Tom Jones if you’re interested in learning more or would like assistance in making 2021 a success.