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Eight Digital Signage Examples That Can Help VARs Close Sales

February 27, 2017

Eight Digital Signage Examples That Can Help VARs Close Sales

Digital signage can have a huge impact on any space, from the smallest mom-and-pop stores to large international corporations and airports. The trick is to design the right signage solution for each customer’s facility and goals. Once you have a couple different projects under your belt, you’ll be able to show examples of your work and close sales with ease.

For value-added resellers (VARs) working in digital signage, it all starts with the right inspiration. Ready to get your creative—or practical—juices flowing? Take a look at these eight innovative digital signage examples:

1. Passenger Bar.

Talk about creativity: This trendy bar in Madrid features a line of digital signage that gives passengers the impression they’re riding on a moving train. As patrons sip their drinks, a virtual landscape rolls by, giving them plenty to look at—and talk about.

2. Grow Financial.

This bank’s newest branch features a six-screen HD video wall. Customers can interact with the display through augmented reality, gesture recognition and touchscreen capabilities for a chance to win discounts on products and services. Meanwhile, the bank is able to gather customer contact information and preferences.

3. Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

To promote the beautiful Monterrey Bay Aquarium, management placed interactive ads throughout the San Francisco market. The touchscreens invited viewers to take a virtual dive into the ocean, and then share their experience on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Diesel Interactive Window.

Clothing retailer Diesel drew loads of attention when they mixed digital and physical in their storefront display. Shoppers loved the interactive concept, and many filmed and posted their experience to social media. Check it out here.

5. Time Warner Cable Flagship Store.

When Time Warner Cable designed its New York City flagship store, digital signage was a top priority. The shop includes several five-screen video walls, a digital fireplace, 21-inch tablets that encourage “showrooming” and internet browsing, and more.

6. Tim Hortons Restaurants.

Going beyond the typical digital menu board content, Tim Hortons took a unique approach to encourage return visits. Certain menu boards promoted the next meal of the day (for example, lunch during the breakfast hour) to encourage guests to return later in the day.

Another great Tim Hortons idea? They added a “cookie count-down” clock to their digital menu boards to notify customers when fresh cookies were about to come out of the oven.

7. Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Form meets function at this Orange County hospital. CHOC combined the high-impact nature of a video wall with a donor recognition area to welcome patients, parents and visitors. The video wall includes wayfinding information, event notices, a welcome message and more. Click here to see more.

8. Los Angeles International’s International Terminal.

The International Terminal at LAX was revitalized in 2013, with designers adding an impressive 19,000 square feet of digital signage. The screens display more than four hours of original video content that includes imagery of Los Angeles, global travel destinations and more. Some of the screens also include interactive capabilities, using high-resolution imaging, 3D effects and integration with real-time airport information.

Creative agency Moment Factory, which is based in Montreal, described the project as “the largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas.” Experience it for yourself on Moment Factory’s YouTube channel.

What digital signage examples inspire you? What are some of the most creative installations you’ve ever seen?