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Don’t overlook pro AV government contract opportunities

July 20, 2020

Don’t overlook pro AV government contract opportunities
The government vertical holds the distinction of being one of the most challenging markets to get into. However, once you understand schedules, bidding on government contracts and get your company approved as a schedule contractor, you’ve already won half the battle. Those with a foot in the door of government should be seeking every opportunity, even if it’s a little outside their core competency. Take, for instance, pro AV solutions.

Pro AV includes things like indoor and outdoor digital signage, self-service kiosks, video walls, video projectors, conference audio and more. While much pro AV finds its way into hospitality, transportation, education and general business, the benefits of pro AV solutions can be equally appealing to many areas within federal, state and local government. Here are a few example applications:

Wayfinding—just like private hospitals, VA hospitals are large sprawling complexes that can benefit from lobby wayfinding applications. Wayfinding gives visitors a means of obtaining directions to a patient, office or department. Any agency with many departments, floors or buildings can benefit from wayfinding applications.

Video walls—connecting multiple displays into a larger video wall can create a compelling and effective means of sharing relevant information in an agency lobby, training room or command-and-control applications.

Emergency alerts—digital signage is all about sharing relevant information in a timely manner. Having signage on a campus, in office lobbies, within departments and around elevator banks can make it easier to not only share news and other information with tenants and visitors, but to also alert those same people in the event of an emergency.

Conference halls and training—many meeting spaces still rely on antiquated microphones, speakers and projectors. The latest technology can deliver clear dynamic sound regardless of where people are sitting in the room. Today’s projectors have higher resolution, are brighter and can be easily connected to a variety of devices.

If you’re going to pursue bidding on government contracts in pro AV, your best bet is to build your solutions on the concept of helping an agency or facility become more connected with messaging via the signage. Oftentimes, your competitors will simply fill in an RFQ with minimal effort. You should take the time to truly understand the needs of the department/agency and build a solution that includes more value than the customer is even seeking.

Finally, if you’re not sure you have the time or personnel to learn the nuances of pro AV within the government vertical, know that Ingram Micro has you covered. Our pro AV team can work with you to vet opportunities and even architect the best solution for your customer via our complimentary design service. For more information or immediate assistance, contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert.