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Digital Signage News: Emerging Technologies That Solution Providers Need to Be Aware Of

April 01, 2017

Digital Signage News: Emerging Technologies That Solution Providers Need to Be Aware Of

One of the most rewarding benefits of being a solution provider in the pro AV and digital signage industry is access to the newest technologies as they come to market.

As the digital signage industry continues growing toward an anticipated worth of $23.8 billion by 2020, manufacturers continue to design and deliver new digital signage offerings to a marketplace hungry for the next innovative product.

Keeping up with all of these emerging technologies may seem daunting at first but not if you focus on technologies that are leaders of the innovation pack.

Here are a few products for solution providers to keep an eye on this year:

4K displays become bigger, better and more affordable

Just a few years ago, the term "4K UHD display" was synonymous with unaffordability. But a lot has changed in a few years as both the price and size of these digital displays make them more attractive to own.

Higher-quality 4K displays are in great demand this year. Manufacturers are reporting requests for higher-resolution, full-color displays, especially in the LED and LCD markets.

At this year's CES show in Las Vegas, digital display manufacturers touted 4K UHD product lines in sizes all the way up to an 85-inch screen size. Added to that, these displays integrate High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology commonly found on smartphones in order to produce brighter colors and better contrast.

The kicker to all of this is that 4K UHD display price tags have come down enough to make them attractive additions to many high-end digital signage displays and video walls.

Once 4K interactive content is developed on a broad scale for these large-format UHD displays, expect to see a whole new level of immersive experience open up on the digital signage landscape.

Media formats

Digital signage content will continue to transition steadily from static to dynamic, with trends tending to follow an arc favoring the use of Full HD 1080p video and 4K video as new content is developed.

These new emerging digital display technologies, along with the lower cost of processing these technologies, should continue to enable this shift toward higher-resolution video. An additional enabler is the increased usage of file formats such as HTML5 and H.264 video compression, both of which require less storage space and render video easier to manage over a given network.

High-end kiosks

The days of monolithic-looking kiosks are coming to a quick close as the manufacturers of these highly effective, digital signage solutions pay much greater attention to design aesthetics in a bid to increase customer traffic and create better shopping experiences.

Next-generation kiosks are being designed and built to mimic the sleek, modern look of today's smartphones, tablets and laptops. And likewise, they are equipped with state-of-the-art media players, sound, printer, wireless Internet, and credit-card and barcode readers in order to further enhance the interactive experience.

Interactive touchscreens are being deployed in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 80 inches for increased consumer engagement. The takeaway from these next-generation kiosks is that they will be as good at improving sales and increasing brand awareness as they are visually appealing.

As new pro AV technologies make their way to market, solution providers that keep abreast of newer product offerings and capabilities will be in a solid position to help their clients achieve the best results in digital signage solutions.