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Build a business for the future

July 17, 2017

Build a business for the future

You have our sympathy.

In a tumultuous time when technologies are rapidly changing, competition is fierce and customer expectations have never been higher, it’s difficult to cut through the noise to identify where to focus.

You also have our help.

As an organization that has a holistic view of the IT industry and every vertical you can imagine, Ingram Micro has the people, knowledge and resources to guide you through the chaos and help you build a profitable sustainable business for the future.

To deliver this knowledge effectively and as directly as possible, Ingram Micro will host its second annual Specialty Invitational in Nashville from July 18–20. This community-based event is different from other trade shows and conventions you’re probably familiar with. Apart from the expected vendor expo and speaker lineup, there are a couple unique twists.

Two things

  1. The education will be less focused on product and more on improving business acumen. The goal is for you to leave the event with actionable steps you can apply to your business immediately. This agenda is packed. Topics include:
    • Hiring and retaining staff
    • Marketing and branding your business
    • Advanced sales techniques
    • Building recurring revenue models
    • Creating a successful social media strategy
    • Measuring customer experience
  2. The opening reception of the event will include a mock customer environment that will show you all the various areas technology can be deployed, and help connect some dots as to what complementary solutions you could sell to your customers beyond pro AV. Everything from surveillance cameras, IP phones, digital signage, videoconferencing, collaboration technologies, POS and data collection technologies will be shown in working implementations.

The combination of these two facets, along with the ability to network with peers and thought leaders, makes this event a great step in working toward a healthier future-ready business. Registration for the Specialty Invitational is technically closed, but if you’re within driving distance and want to learn more, contact Kimberly Taberski.