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Awesome Digital Signage Examples of Q1

May 23, 2017

Awesome Digital Signage Examples of Q1

Digital signage is widely known for the many utilitarian ways that it enhances our everyday lives as we shop for goods, order food at restaurants and make our way through busy airports and train stations.

But lately, the vanilla wrapper long associated with most digital signage installations is undergoing a major transformation as solution providers, integrators and service providers take design standards up a notch vying for sales, better audience engagement or just plain old creative kudos.

Take a look at some of the best digital signage deployments of Q1 2016:

Projection-mapping Hoover Dam

When Hoover Dam was completed in 1936, it was considered one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels. When completed, it supplied electricity to millions in the U.S.’s Southwest.

So it was no surprise that Hoover Dam was the site of one of the largest projection-mapping projects to date. Daimler executives introduced their Freightliner Inspiration Truck campaign to the public by projection-mapping a presentation on the entire dam’s curved surface.

Projection-mapping Hoover DamImage Source

Sixty Barco projectors were set up in three banks. It took six projectors to create each image for a total of 10 images that were then seamlessly blended to create a single 4592 x 2048 pixel image. All of that was accomplished over 2,500 feet away from the 420,000 square feet of surface that needed to be covered. That’s one way to deliver an emotionally immersive experience.

Rugged displays help baristas pour more coffee

Quick-service restaurant giant Starbucks recently deployed one of the largest ruggedized outdoor digital signage installations at all its U.S. locations with a drive-through.

The installation features 46-foot outdoor digital displays that can withstand a variety of harsh weather. The installation is not only rugged, but it’s highly creative in that the displays show a live video feed of baristas placing customer orders.

Rugged displays help baristas pour more coffeeImage Source

The real-time content delivery re-creates the personalized, immersive interaction that the company’s legion of loyal customers typically experiences inside the store.

Old school meets new in the education vertical

Chicago-based Saint Xavier University wanted to break the mold that some higher-education schools find difficult to shake off (i.e., sticking with formal, non-collaborative learning spaces). The solution was to completely revamp all of the pro AV hardware at its new downtown campus in Gilbert, Arizona.

Old school meets new in the education verticalImage Source

The installation ran the gamut from new huddle spaces and control rooms to a stunning mosaic video wall that utilizes 19 various-sized Planar video displays that showcase photographs and custom 4K video content made by local artists.

Digital signage makes the hypermarket store concept come alive

Spanish retailer Carrefour’s entire suite of brick-and-mortar locations was transformed into a state-of-the-art hypermarket as more than 800 digital displays and interactive kiosks were installed at more than 65 points of sale.

Digital signage makes the hypermarket store concept come aliveImage Source

Highlights of the deployment include:

  • Video wall at the entrance to the store.
  • Area featuring large-format touch screens with catalog of promotions and floor plan.
  • “Extended supply” touch screens with product selection info in the store and at the    warehouse.
  • Touch screens to order wine and on-site baby care.
  • Ceiling-mounted screens promoting fresh produce.  

These digital signage installations are just a few examples of the many innovative digital signage installations already deployed as 2016 looks to be a year where the creative envelope is pushed to new heights.