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All aboard! Public transportation needs digital signage solutions

June 18, 2018

All aboard! Public transportation needs digital signage solutions

When Amazon announced its intention to create a second headquarters in North America, many cities began battling for the chance to be selected. Of course, Amazon has a lengthy list of things it’s looking for in its “HQ2” city. One important characteristic is an efficient mass transit system to allow commuters to get to and from the office.

Lucky for Amazon and many North Americans, new smart cities and booming metro centers have led to an increase in public transportation and overall improvement to how we travel. Indeed, Amazon has many great cities to choose from. At the same time, this increased focus on public transportation has opened a new vertical for digital signage solution providers—airports, subways, trains, trams, taxis and buses all offer unique sales opportunities.

Here are just a few examples of digital signage-related applications in the public transportation market:

  • General messaging—Signage is used to deliver announcements, arrival and departure times, and security alerts to travelers. This signage can be mounted in rail cars, inside taxis and within the terminals.
  • Advertising—It’s easy to justify the cost of a solution when you can guarantee captive audiences.
  • Wayfinding—Travelers, especially visiting tourists, often need help getting from point A to point B. Signage that offers wayfinding assistance along with other important messaging and advertising is in high demand.
  • Ticketing kiosks—To increase efficiencies and keep lines short, many cities allow travelers to purchase tickets via a self-service kiosk.
  • GPS-driven messaging—By integrating GPS with a digital signage solution, it’s possible to give travelers messaging or advertising relevant to their most current location.

No matter the application, digital signage creates a better experience for travelers.

As a solution provider, you have an opportunity to create some very powerful signage solutions. However, these solutions aren’t for beginners. There’s a high level of complexity in pulling together hundreds or thousands of LCDs, integrating with ticketing systems, managing the CMS, implementing a WAN and more. Still, it’s not unrealistic to think that the work can be yours, particularly if you partner with a vendor like Ingram Micro that has the public sector experience necessary to win bids and pull together all the necessary components of the solution.

All that remains is your willingness to target this opportunity, the ability to creatively leverage today’s cutting-edge digital signage technology and a call into Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert, Tom Jones.

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