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Airport digital signage opportunity now arriving

July 23, 2018

Airport digital signage opportunity now arriving

As you know, the driving force behind digital signage is the need to get a lot of eyeballs on a message. Markets such as retail and hospitality are an obvious fit, which is why we see so many digital signage implementations in those industries. However, there are other markets with similar needs that you shouldn’t overlook. Take, for instance, the public transportation niche of airports.

There are more than 400 primary airports (those with at least 10,000 passenger boardings per year) in the United States. Each airport represents an opportunity to use digital signage to address at least one of four common needs:

  1. Arrival and departure times—Every primary airport will need Flight Information Display System (FIDS) signage to display this critical information throughout the terminal.
  2. Navigation and wayfinding—Large airports with multiple terminals can improve traveler experiences by providing maps that aid in navigation.
  3. Infotainment—Signage can promote local events, share the news or simply showcase immersive art.
  4. Food and retail—Signage can display advertisements for restaurants and retailers within the terminal, encouraging travelers to spend time (and money) while they wait for their flights. Additionally, restaurants might be interested in the benefits of digital menu boards.

Success through differentiation

The airport market, like most others, isn’t one where you can just sell some hardware and collect a check. Experienced competitors require you to come to prospective customers with a unique approach to your solutions. Here are just a few ways to set yourself apart:

  • Get creative with designs. Most solution providers use the standard horizontal mounting of displays, creating a grid of screens. Consider how you can display information in more appealing ways. Perhaps rotate the displays vertically or build a wall of displays in an eye-catching pattern other than the standard grid layout.
  • Offset costs with advertising. Airports offer brands attractive demographics to target with their marketing. Consider offering an advertisement option that gives brands a trackable ROI while covering the costs of the investment for the airport.
  • Provide content services. Very few airports have staff who are experts in creating content. Consider offering creation and management services to help the airport best use their investment.

Ready to get started selling digital signage to airports? Ingram Micro’s Tom Jones is not only a pro AV expert, but he also has personal experience with airport installs. He’s one email away from giving the assistance you need.