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8 Expert Tips for Ensuring LCD Video Wall Success

July 22, 2017

8 Expert Tips for Ensuring LCD Video Wall Success

Video walls are one of the fastest-growing segments of the pro AV industry, with the global market expected to reach an astounding $17 billion by 2020. But what makes a quality LCD video wall installation? And how can you ensure that your next video wall project is a success?

Although video walls have exploded in popularity, not every installation is the best it can be. Some displays are located in a less-than-ideal spot, and others have subpar content. As a value-added reseller (VAR), these are the types of factors that can make or break a video wall project.

With that said, there are also plenty of ways to ensure that your next install is a huge hit. Here, we share our top eight expert tips for ensuring LCD video wall success:

1. Remember the audience

Always keep in mind your customer’s audience. Where will the display be most impactful? What video wall design and content will be most appealing to it? Is the branding, messaging, and any call to action clear and understandable?

2. Keep the content fresh

After consumers view a particular piece of content several times, it starts to lose its effectiveness. Depending on the type of traffic your customer’s facility sees, keep in mind content turnover. You want to supply enough interesting, fresh content so that the viewers don’t get bored or tune out your messaging.

3. Make ease of use a priority

Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about complex content management software or scheduling options. Seek out software that prioritizes ease of use, especially for those customers that will be tweaking content on a frequent basis. This not only will ensure that your customers are getting the most out of the video wall, but will also ensure that they aren’t experiencing frequent frustrations.

4. Get creative

LCD video walls come in all shapes and sizes today, thanks to the flexibility of the panels. For adventurous customers, don’t be afraid to recommend a video wall that is an unconventional shape or design—your end-users will love it.

5. Look for flexible content management

Some of your customers may require a basic video wall content management solution that displays the same video and audio in a simple loop. But the majority will need much more flexibility. Look for content management software that enables dynamic content display and scheduling, can source from multiple locations, and can even customize content for the time of day or depending on how busy the business is at a given time.

6. Go interactive

Many of today’s video walls are all about interactivity. A growing number of consumers expect interactive capabilities, such as social media integration or gesture-control, so keep it in mind for those customers it would benefit most.  

7. Don’t skimp on the processor

Look for a high-quality video wall processor that offers advanced image upscaling/downscaling, accurate color reproduction, and, above all, fast processing speeds. This will help your content to truly shine, especially given the large scale of a video wall.

8. Think ahead

Look for video wall technology that is built on an open architecture so it easily integrates with other systems. You never know how the solution might evolve over time as your customer’s needs change.

What are some of your biggest challenges with LCD video walls? In what verticals are you seeing the most interest in these large-scale displays?