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7 Pro AV and Digital Signage Facts to Use in Your Next Sales Meeting

June 30, 2017

7 Pro AV and Digital Signage Facts to Use in Your Next Sales Meeting

With many pro AV and digital signage customers, demonstrating the value of the technology is an easy task, because it’s clear to see how a new system will benefit their business. With others, it can be a bit more challenging to give examples of return on investment, improved customer engagement or service, and other benefits.

When meeting with those in the former category, discussing some of the more general benefits of pro AV and digital signage technology can help get customers excited about the potential. Then, as you learn more about their business, you can discuss the ways in which a certain device or system could impact them specifically.

During your next sales meeting, consider sharing a few of these important facts:

1. The global digital signage market is booming.

Investments in digital signage are expected to total $20 billion by 2020, according to recent research, representing an annual growth rate of more than 6 percent. Falling display prices and increased popularity of digital communication are helping to drive this trend.

2. Pro AV is stronger than ever.

The global pro AV market is expected to reach $116 billion by 2016, according to InfoComm International’s 2014 Market Definition and Strategy Study. Some of the main growth drivers for pro AV are IT convergence, growth of digital technology, and globalization.

3. Retailers are flocking to digital signage.

For your retail customers, consider sharing that retail accounts for about 40 percent of the digital signage market (with healthcare close behind in terms of rate of growth). If your retail customers don’t currently use digital signage, make it clear that their competition probably already is.

4. Pro AV is used in nearly every possible vertical.

This is a big claim, but it’s true. From education and real estate to events, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, government facilities, banks, and everything in between, pro AV systems have permeated nearly every type of organization. And as digital communication becomes increasingly widespread, that trend will only continue.

5. Pro AV and digital signage can actually reduce costs.

These technologies provide quick ROI for many customers, whether through increased sales, improved customer service, greater reach, reduced travel expenses, enhanced employee performance or collaboration, streamlined training, or other means.

6. Interactivity is key.

Consumers have grown to expect both pro AV and digital signage technology to be interactive—regardless of whether they’re in a corporate office, restaurant, shopping mall or museum, at an event, or somewhere in between.

When used for advertising and marketing, interactivity can be incredibly valuable for your customers. In exchange for the engagement and entertainment of interactive content, they could be gaining priceless consumer demographics information, which in turn improves marketing efforts.

7. In-house digital signage is growing in popularity.

Recent research found that 45 percent of companies use digital signage for employee communications, which offers lower printing costs, real-time updating capabilities, and improved engagement.

What other facts about the pro AV and digital signage markets would you recommend sharing with prospective customers? What is your go-to source for market trends and statistics?