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6 ways to modernize corporate meeting spaces

April 19, 2021

6 ways to modernize corporate meeting spaces
Among the many lessons we've learned during the pandemic is the need to have technology that makes communicating with coworkers and customers easy and reliable, regardless of whether the parties are in the same physical location or operating remotely, and irrespective of whether that communication is via text, voice or video. Today, as some workers begin the shift back into the office, consideration should be given to whether conference and huddle spaces meet users' needs or if they need a technological refresh. While you might think you know the answer, consider the following 6 trends that enable both productivity and safety in corporate meeting spaces.

1. Improve onsite communications with digital signage—Many offices are using digital signage to keep employees informed regarding office safety policies and best practices. Additionally, signage can be used to show which meeting spaces are open, which are occupied and which need to be cleaned/sterilized before being used again.

2. Improve safety and convenience with status lights—Status lights can be easily integrated with leading UC platforms to alert coworkers when a meeting space is occupied, open or in need of cleaning.

3. Improve hygiene and productivity with conference room controls—Some organizations are adding conference room controls that make it easy and safer to toggle power from one panel. Some solutions even allow users to access the control panel virtually from their smartphones, further improving safety and productivity.

4. Check employee and guest temperatures—Monitoring employees and visitors for fever upon entry is an easy, low-friction way to enhance onsite safety. Typical solutions involve either a thermal scanner and tablet at entry points or swapping entry area surveillance cameras with thermal cameras.

5. Work smarter with collaborative displays—The latest Windows Collaboration Displays (WCDs) make it easier than ever for remote and onsite employees to work together as a team. WCDs allow attendees to share screens, take notes and collaborate in exciting ways.

6. Take your enterprise solutions to the residential market—The move to work from home happened quickly out of necessity; getting back into the office might not occur as soon (or at all) for some. In these instances, at-home employees will need more than their consumer-grade webcams. Pro AV solution providers may find a lucrative new "resimercial" market that blurs residential and commercial work lines.

The above solutions and concepts are just the beginning of ways you can modernize corporate meeting spaces. Of course, before diving in, take inventory of the essential UC and conferencing solutions your customers currently have. They might be past due for upgraded cameras, microphones, speakers and software. If you have any questions or require assistance, please email Tom Jones, Ingram Micro's pro AV expert.


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