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6 Unique Examples of Pro AV Digital Signage That Will Make You Giggle

August 06, 2017

6 Unique Examples of Pro AV Digital Signage That Will Make You Giggle

Most of the time, digital signage installations are geared toward utilitarian end use.

That is, they are designed to deliver a message, sell a product, or convey important situational information like traffic updates.

Yet, with digital signage becoming more ubiquitous in modern society, it's often difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it can be done by employing innovative content solutions.

Yet, for value-added resellers, there are more and more examples of digital signage installations that are cutting-edge in delivering powerful messages in creative and emotionally impactful ways.

Here are a few examples:

1. Dunk Tank Victims

This is a 21st century take on the old state-fair dunk tank.

Clear Channel Spectacolor, in the Times Square area of New York City, took digital signage and social networking to a new level by encouraging participants to Tweet their choice between two potential dunk tank victims.

As nominations came in, the HD display tallied votes and responses as to who would be the lucky dunkee.

2. Have a Coke and a Smile

Coca-Cola made use of an interactive digital display that was installed on a busy Australian street during the summer.

Through social media, Coca-Cola invited participants to interact with the display panel by rearranging differently colored soda cans.

As a user approached the interactive digital display, he or she was asked to interact and rotate the colorful cans, which interestingly did not come in the traditional red.

Depending on the combination chosen, the user was rewarded with a 250ml can of Coke delivered in any one of six new can colors.

3. Artists Wanted

State Employees' Credit Union in Raleigh, North Carolina, had an interactive digital display set up in its newly built executive tower.

Users were invited to "paint" animations and abstract art by interacting with custom-designed content software, with up to five selectable scenarios, including landscape art.

The video wall was composed of eighteen 55-inch Christie LCD displays.

4. Follow My Lead

Adobe's interactive digital display was set up in its San Jose, California, headquarters.

This interactive signage solution incorporates three high-resolution LED panels and features five different motion graphics vignettes?each designed to visually express Adobe products.

Each vignette is controlled by a person’s movement, using the latest 3D image sensors from Panasonic.

As one moves from left to right, the content plays forward. As one moves from right to left, the content rewinds.

5. Furry Touch Screen

In what is perhaps one of the most bizarre uses of digital touch screen technology, researchers at Osaka University in Japan developed a unique multi-touch screen that makes use of infrared LED and millions of fiber optic bundles arranged to look like fur.

The one and only purpose of this installation (there were no instructions) was to get people to "pet" the display panels, which, in turn, lit up in random colors.

6. Interactive Toilet, Anyone?

This installation located in an interactive art venue/pub/restaurant in London, England, is perhaps one of the most interesting uses of digital signage to date, if not the most absurd.

The installation at the appropriately named Exhibit Bar incorporates HD screens supposedly mounted at eye level.

They activate when a "user" approaches. At that point, they go into gaming mode. What sort of game is unclear and perhaps unimportant when one has to use the restroom.

When not in use, the displays play a mix of advertising and custom-designed content from an on-site media player.

What interesting digital signage installations have you seen lately?