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6 kiosk opportunities you might be missing

September 04, 2018

6 kiosk opportunities you might be missing

If you’re interested in giving a boost to your sales numbers, there might be an opportunity right under your nose. Many solution providers, eager to close digital signage deals, fail to probe to seek and identify their customers’ needs for kiosk solutions. As a result, they’re missing an opportunity to provide additional value to their customers and earn a great source of supplemental revenue. Here are just a few common market applications for kiosks you might be able to address.

  1. Mass transit—airports, railway stations and bus terminals are often large sprawling complexes that can be overwhelming for travels. Wayfinding kiosks are a great way to provide customer service.
  2. Retail—as retailers pursue omnichannel business models, it’s imperative that the customer experience is considered. Engaging solutions such as kiosks that allow customers to find and even order the brands and products they desire are in high demand.
  3. Hospitality/hotels—to heighten the experience of guests, some hotels have implemented kiosks for self-checkout and check-in. Additionally, kiosks can be used to give guests directions to onsite and area attractions and restaurants.
  4. Restaurants—Fast-casual restaurants are catching on to the benefits of allowing customers to place their own orders on a kiosk. Not only can wait times be reduced through self-service, but it’s also been shown that average ticket sizes increase when customers use a kiosk. When not being used, these kiosks can go into an attract mode to grab attention and promote specials and new items.
  5. Healthcare—Similar to mass transit, hospitals are often large facilities. Navigating successfully is even more challenging when you add in multiple floors and a maze of corridors. Wayfinding kiosks have become popular among many hospitals. Some even offer guests the ability to print out directions.
  6. Education—Many colleges and universities are turning to kiosks to give students access to information such as on-campus events, purchasing tickets and checking the cash balance of their student ID card.

Kiosks can require a variety of technologies to implement. Of course, you’ll have a display (most often touch). In some cases, you might also include a keyboard, printer (small format laser or thermal printers are most common), barcode scanner and mag-stripe card reader. Additionally, you have an opportunity to help your customers’ brands by providing a custom enclosure for the kiosk. Finally, you have integration services required to send and receive data to a database, CRM, inventory, point-of-sale and more. Ingram Micro can assist you in all the above areas. Contact Tom Jones for more information. 

These six kiosk opportunities are just some of the more common ones we see today. If you have customers in any of these markets, seek to understand their needs and explain how a kiosk can benefit their customers/users. With tangible benefits, there’s a good chance your customers will be willing to make a kiosk investment with little convincing.