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5 ways to parlay pro AV into IT managed services revenue

August 27, 2020

5 ways to parlay pro AV into IT managed services revenue
In our previous blog, we discussed the value of recurring revenue to your business and 4 recurring revenue opportunities in pro AV. With so many of your customers moving toward Opex subscription-based IT purchases, there’s never been a better time to offer this model.

However, there’s no reason to stop at pro AV technologies. The solutions you offer aren’t the only ones that reside on your customer’s networks, creating opportunities to provide a variety of robust IT solutions your customers need and will generate more recurring revenue. Here are 5 examples worth considering:

  1. Network remote monitoring and management (RMM)—This core managed service is offered by many managed service providers for one simple reason: every customer can benefit from it. Rather than providing reactive support and management, RMM automation agents can be installed to monitor your customers’ network devices proactively and let your team know about problems before they cause downtime.
  2. Managed security—The common technology issue every customer faces is security, which makes this a can’t-miss service you should offer. Ransomware is on the rise and organizations of all sizes in all markets can fall prey. Managed security can include managed antivirus and malware protection, intrusion detection and email security (even for Office365 subscriptions).
  3. Backup and recovery—It’s not a question of if disasters will happen to your customers, but when. Disasters can include real natural disasters like fire and floor, data loss from a hacker or merely an employee accidentally deleting important files off the server. In any of these cases, your customers must have a business continuity plan that includes data backup and recovery services.
  4. Patch management—Today’s IT environments are complex to manage since most organizations have hundreds and even thousands of devices on-premises and off. Testing and then patching a variety of hardware and software in a timely fashion is a real challenge for IT admins. While some RMM platforms will include patch management, you might want to offer a standalone service to your customers.
  5. Unified communications (UC)—Every business has communications needs, especially today as more employees are working remotely. UC solutions can include VoIP (voice over IP) phones, video conferencing, chat, file sharing and more. UC as a service is the bundling and offering of these solutions as a monthly service.
The above services are similar in that every business can benefit from them. If you’re currently only offering your customers pro AV solutions, you could be leaving money on the table in the form of these complementary IT managed services. Why not leverage that trust to expand if your customers already trust you with their pro AV technology?
For more information on how to grow your recurring revenue, contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert.