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5 ways Pro AV is changing healthcare education

October 07, 2019

5 ways Pro AV is changing healthcare education
When you consider the best sales opportunities in healthcare IT, the ones that often come to mind involve barcoding and RFID solutions, asset tracking and mobile computing devices. However, there’s a great opportunity that lies at the intersection of healthcare and education;  universities and other medical-focused education centers are turning to high-tech Pro AV solutions to improve the quality of training to produce better caregivers. Here are five healthcare education opportunities that solution providers can target today.
  1. Implementing collaborative learning—As part of a flipped or hybrid learning model, one component is for more collaboration in class between students and instructors. To accommodate this in the classroom, some universities are implementing cameras and large (30-inch or larger) 4K displays at each student’s lab area. Western University’s College of Dental Medicine recently created such a lab that allows instruction (prerecorded videos or live demonstrations) to be viewed throughout the classroom. While 4K displays can be overkill in some Pro AV implementations, medical students need high resolution and color accuracy when dealing with the intricacies of the human body.

  2. Recording lectures—Medicine is obviously a very complicated practice, so giving students the ability to review past lessons can be very appealing. Many universities and education centers are seeking the ability to record and stream all lessons and make them available immediately to students.

  3. Videoconferencing—There are plenty of instances where students don’t have to be physically present to attend class. In this instance, offering videoconferencing can be a compelling option. Thanks to high-end cameras and broadband internet, remote students can attend class and participate in real time with their classmates and instructors.

  4. Implementing virtual learning—Like other industries, the healthcare education market is always looking for ways to keep costs under control. One way some are accomplishing this is by creating virtual labs. Students work on large-screen displays to interact with the human body virtually before graduating to more costly real-life lessons. In fact, UNLV’s School of Medicine is using Pro AV for virtual cadaver dissections, allowing students to dive into the human body repeatedly and at various angles, with no additional cost.

  5. Creating audio zones for the classroom—It’s common for classroom labs to have groups of students working on different tasks at the same time. Therefore, it may be ideal to implement an audio system that allows audio to be segmented by zones (including a zone for the entire room).
If you’re a healthcare-focused IT provider who is not sure how to leverage this Pro AV opportunity
 or a Pro AV specialist who is not sure about healthcare, Ingram Micro can help. Recently, Ingram Micro rolled out its new complimentary Pro AV design services. Contact Tom Jones to learn how Ingram Micro’s team of specialists can help you build the perfect Pro AV solution for the medical education market.