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5 ways Ingram Micro’s financial services can help you win pro AV business

March 16, 2020

5 ways Ingram Micro’s financial services can help you win pro AV business
Cash flow is critical to running a successful business. Whether it’s your own cash flow or that of your customers, lack of cash makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to invest in IT, grow or simply survive during slow times. Most solution providers aren’t in a strong enough cash position to be a bank to their customers and cover the costs of pro AV and IT services.

Short on cash, your customers can obviously seek financing through their bank or leasing companies, but that’s removing some control you have over the deal. Rather than risk losing business to a lack of financing, contact Ingram Micro.

Ingram Micro’s financial services include:

  1. Technology as a service—Many customers today find monthly payments and OPEX spends more appealing than large lump CAPEX investments. Ingram Micro can help you offer subscription-based pro AV solutions to appeal to those customers while allowing you to earn more recurring revenue.
  2. Traditional end-user financing for technology solutions—Ingram Micro’s Financial Solutions team has never had more flexibility, creativity and agility when it comes to extending credit (even for products and services that aren’t on Ingram’s line card). Unlike other lenders, Ingram Micro’s credit team will work with you in the field to understand your pro AV business. This allows them to more accurately judge risk and go beyond simply looking at the finances and credit history of you and your customers.
  3. Manufacturer financing solutions—Ingram Micro offers solutions from leading manufacturers, many of whom offer their own financing and incentives to help close deals.
  4. Lockbox solutions to maximize credit capacity—To improve cash flow, Ingram Micro offers lockbox solutions that can streamline the collection of payments and delivery of payments into your bank account as quickly as possible.
  5. Industry-leading financial partnerships, which give you access to working capital—Ingram Micro works with several leading banks and creditors to ensure you and your customers have adequate financing options.
Offering your customers multiple ways to pay for their next pro AV investments could be the key to winning the deals. Here’s one solution provider who’s walking proof. Watch video.

Engage with Ingram Micro early in the sales cycle for assistance in identifying the best options for your customers. For more information, contact our Financial Solutions team at financialsolutions@ingrammicro.com or contact Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert.