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5 Ways Digital Signage Video Walls Are Shaping The Industry

May 23, 2017

5 Ways Digital Signage Video Walls Are Shaping The Industry

Video walls are big—and we’re not just talking about their size. Right now, the trend of video walls is growing so fast that it’s helping to shape the entire digital signage industry.

According to experts at the Digital Signage Expo, the global market for video walls is expected to see double-digit growth in the next few years. Sales are forecast to approach 1 million units by 2015.

Value-added resellers who specialize in digital signage should expect to see a shift occur in the market, as video walls drive several major trends:

1. Leveling the playing field.

As the price of screens and other hardware continues to fall, a broader range of customers are able to enter the digital signage market. The adoption rates for video walls have exploded thanks to these lower prices, and the resulting increased demand, which means everyone from large retailers to small start-ups are able to leverage this high-impact technology for themselves. In the next few years, even budget-conscious customers will be able to get in on the possibilities of digital.

2. Letting customers flex their creative muscles.

Nothing rivals the incredible creative potential of a video wall. With multiple high-resolution screens integrated with video wall software, end users can accomplish nearly anything they desire, with fast-moving graphics, compelling storylines, and impactful text and audio. Unlike single, stand-alone digital screens, video walls let end users really get creative. In turn, now they are expecting that level of flexibility and creativity with all their digital projects.

3. Making interactive an everyday experience.

Today, consumers are increasingly comfortable with interactive technology. After all, they use it at home every day—why shouldn’t they also encounter it when shopping or dining at a restaurant, for example? New video walls incorporate interactivity in order to engage with consumers in new and exciting ways.

Today, it’s not entirely uncommon for a 100-foot video wall to include interactive capabilities, letting users control aspects of the display through touch, motion sensing or their mobile devices. This growing trend is also spilling over into smaller-scale digital signage. Now, when a consumer approaches a digital screen, he or she expects it to be interactive.

4. Turning digital signage into art.

The enormous variety of video wall hardware now available is pushing end users to re-imagine digital signage in general. Screens now come in rectangles, squares and circular shapes that can be hung and tilted in any direction. Before long, they’ll be available in any shape imaginable, which frees up the possibilities even more.

Now, digital signage is no longer simply an information medium. Video walls are turning into art that not only advertises a particular brand, but also sets a certain mood and creates a particular emotional response. After all, that is the power of digital media.

5. Putting sustainability within reach.

If super-sized video walls can promote sustainability, shouldn’t all digital signage devices be able to? A growing number of displays now boast low power requirements and low heat. This not only enables end users to leverage more screens for less money; it also lets them minimize their energy costs. When digital signage starts becoming sustainable, your customers can more easily realize a return on investment. And for those who have sustainability as a goal, video walls are opening a whole new world of possibility.

As a value-added reseller, you have an opportunity to capitalize on the growth of video wall technology—now and for years to come. Familiarize yourself with the hardware, software, trends and best practices, and you’ll be well-positioned to make video walls a major part of your business.

Have you seen an uptick in your video wall business in recent years? Would you agree that your digital signage customers are now expecting more from the technology in terms of creativity, interactivity and sustainability?