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5 ways digital signage makes hotel events better

November 19, 2018

5 ways digital signage makes hotel events better

If you’re seeking new sales opportunities in digital signage, take note—the hotel events business could be your next revenue generator. Every industry holds its own conferences and events. For many hotels, hosting these conferences is big business. Because it’s a highly competitive market, hotels strive to provide exceptional service and high-quality experiences, while operating as efficiently as possible. The good news for you is that digital signage can help hotels achieve these goals. Here are some examples of how conference digital signage is being leveraged today.

  1. Bringing order—depending on the size of the hotel and its conference space, it’s possible to have many events taking place at the same time. In the past, show signage would all be physically printed and manually updated. Today, digital signage can ease the burden of hotels by digitally updating signage, meeting room assignments and schedules with a few mouse clicks.

Not only does this bring efficiencies to the hotel, but attendees have a better experience thanks to digital signage being used for wayfinding. In fact, some signage wayfinding applications allow guests to access the directions on their mobile devices.

  1. Advertising—when not being used for wayfinding and scheduling updates, digital signage can be used in an adverting capacity. Events and conferences are happy to monetize sponsorships of all sorts. Giving access to the conference’s digital signage is a great way for a hotel to provide additional value to the conferences coming in.

In addition, the conference center can use its own signage to promote upcoming public events, generating awareness and increasing registrations. Signage can also be sold to local restaurants hoping to win additional business from the conference crowds.

  1. Driving attendance—many conference centers are turning to digital signage to inform show attendees about presentations about to take place, increasing the likelihood that key sessions will be well attended. Digital signage makes it easy for conference centers to keep attendees informed and fully engaged in the conferences taking place.
  2. Extended hotel concierge—conferences bring in an influx of people that can strain the hotel's staff with questions and needs. Interactive digital signage can be an extension of the hotel’s concierge service, providing detailed information about amenities, dining, local attractions and more. By adding an interactive self-service element, guests can also book reservations for hotel services.
  3. Visual pop—in the hypercompetitive events business, hotels need to ensure their conference centers stand apart from their competition. By leveraging digital signage, kiosks and video walls, hotels can create stunning visuals that help to create a memorable event experience.

If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity that exists with hotel events, contact Tom Jones, pro AV expert with Ingram Micro. Armed with the right information and strategies, you can begin to tap into this exciting market.