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5 Things to Include in Your AV Systems Sales Pitch

June 23, 2017

5 Things to Include in Your AV Systems Sales Pitch

The value-added reseller (VAR) landscape is highly competitive, and each professional is continually on the lookout for ways to distinguish his or her business. For those who are new to a particular product field, such as pro AV, it’s important to become comfortable with your sales pitch so that your potential customers leave the meeting feeling that you know the technology and understand their needs.

To get started, be sure to include the following five items in your first few pro AV sales pitches:

1. Technology specifics.

Of course, it’s important to start with an overview of the devices and systems that you’re recommending to help your customer meet his or her goals. Whether you’re working on a meeting room, projection system, video wall or any other pro AV solution, your customer will want to know exactly what they’ll be paying for.

When appropriate, show the customer a demo of the technology in action. Smaller systems, such as a portable projector or digital display, can be demoed in person; for more complicated projects, like video walls, you might want to stick to a brief video or PowerPoint on your laptop.

2. Rationale for each technology choice.

Why exactly are you recommending the devices that you’ve chosen? How are they going to meet your customer’s needs and help them get closer to their business goals?

Be ready to walk the customer through each technology choice and explain why you’ve made that specific selection; include your rationale for each piece of technology, as well as the individual manufacturers and brands.

3. Projected costs and installation timeline.

Your customer is going to need to ensure that your pitch fits their budget and timeline restraints. Go into detail about what the system will cost, when you will be able to begin and finalize installation, and whether you expect any system downtime throughout the process.

Some customers might want additional detail, such as the prices of individual systems and a full installation timetable. Be prepared to answer these types of questions for each pitch.

4. Examples of return-on-investment opportunities.

Consider how the new pro AV system might benefit your customer’s bottom line over time, and then estimate how long it might take them to achieve a return on their investment. With pro AV technology, ROI might come from decreased employee travel, improved customer service, greater brand awareness, more effective sales and promotions, and other benefits. With some basic information about your customer’s business, you should be able to give a general idea on ROI.

5. Service and support agreement information.

Your customers are going to want to know that you’ll be there for service and support throughout the life of their system. In your sales pitch, include an overview of the types of post-installation support that you provide, as well as pricing details. For many customers, this information could be a deciding factor in their overall AV project.

What other information do you include in your pro AV sales pitches? What do you feel is the most compelling item that you can include in a sales pitch?