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5 reasons you should attend Digital Signage Expo 2020

March 02, 2020

5 reasons you should attend Digital Signage Expo 2020

Digital Signage Expo 2020 kicks off this month at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you’re a pro AV solution provider, this show should be on your list of “must-attend” events. While the show is just around the corner (March 31–April 3), you still have time to register and book your travel. Here are 5 reasons you don’t want to miss this event.

  1. You don’t know it all—No matter your current level of in-house expertise, it’s not possible for you and your staff to know everything there is about digital signage and pro AV solutions. Digital Signage Expo is a great place to get a holistic view of the industry—from new technologies to specific vertical trends—with which to make informed decisions concerning the short- and long-term direction and focus of your organization.
  2. One stop to see multiple vendors—There’s no better opportunity to see new products from every existing and up-and-coming vendor than at Digital Signage Expo. The show floor will include 200+ vendors specializing in pro AV technology, content creation and display solutions.
  3. See the latest innovations—Not only are there hundreds of vendors, but most schedule new product releases around this event. If you want to see the newest digital signage tech, this is the place to be. Tom Jones, Ingram Micro’s pro AV expert, says he’s expecting to see additional advances and solutions built on direct view LED (DLED) at this year’s Expo. He’s also expecting to see improvements in bendable screen technology that present solution providers even more possibilities to create unique and compelling signage solutions.
  4. Education—Digital Signage Expo 2020 isn’t only about new products on the show floor; there are 75 education sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Many of these sessions provide an expert’s point of view on trends concerning technologies and specific industries. If you’re looking for certification-related education, Brawn Consulting will be on hand leading Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) certification sessions. In fact, the DSEG is expanding its professional certifications by unveiling a new Digital Signage Sales Professional (DSSP) Program, built to help pro AV sales professionals succeed. 
  5. Networking opportunities—Due to the benefits mentioned above, thousands of your peers will be attending the Digital Signage Expo. While some may certainly be considered your competition, most can be the source of valuable information, strategic alliances and even friendship. There’s no greater opportunity to meet like-minded solution providers and share best practices for running a successful pro AV business.
The pro AV world is transforming rapidly. To remain competitive, you need to understand where the industry is heading and be fully informed and educated. Digital Signage Expo 2020 affords you this opportunity and more. If you’d like more information on the value of attending this event, contact Tom Jones today.